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Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership

The Top Speed Golf System

Value: $1500

5 Courses Inside

Build Your Swing for Optimal Consistency and Maximal Distance. You'll learn the 5 fundamentals of the full swing System in a fun, easy-to-use course layout, completing the videos in order. All the videos are EXCLUSIVE to this website.

Included In All Access Membership

The 20 Minute Distance Fix

Value: $500

3 Week Course

You'll find the most researched, age and flexibility defying 3 week program that allows you to add serious distance with every club in your bag. Only available here! Drive The Ball 20-70 Yards Further Without Sacrificing Accuracy!

Included In All Access Membership

Short Game & Putting

Value: $750

3 Courses Inside

While not as sexy as the long game, short game and putting work can shave strokes off your scores fast. Wedge play, chipping, and putting are all covered in detail. Slash Scores off Your Handicap Fast with My Short Game and Putting Courses.

Included In All Access Membership

Bonus Courses

Value: $2000

8 Courses Inside

These are special, in-depth courses on specific topics. They are not part of the base Top Speed Golf System and are not required to play excellent golf. But You Can Conquer Your "Big Miss," Improve Faster with Training Secrets, and More with these BONUS Courses.

Included In All Access Membership

Office Hours

Value: Live Instructor

1 Hour Each Week Day

Get Your Most Pressing Golf Questions Answered LIVE! Insane value! Top Speed Golf Instructors charge $100+/hr for in-person lessons. With Office Hours, you're getting access to an hour of their advice every weekday. Over a year's time, that's over $30,000 worth of Instructor's advice!

Plus Your Limited Time Bonus

One time offer

Shallowing Webinar Recording

Value: $250

1 Hour 45 Minute Webinar

In this private Q&A session, I fielded questions about everything from swing paths to the number one method I recommend for hitting the ball pure, each and every swing.

You do NOT want to miss out on this…

Total Value : $4000

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That's over 65% off the regular annual price of $149

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All Access Member Success Stories
All Access Member

John McGinley

"As I mentioned, it's a system. Since starting [Top Speed Golf] I've parred the Par 3 course I play. I had not done that in about 20 years. I got into the league championship playoffs, which I've never done before. I'm hitting 1 1/2 to 2 clubs less than I used to. I've hit several wood shots 20-30 yards further than I ever have before."

All Access Member

G. Kearney

My game has improved a lot since signing up for Top Speed Golf. I've paid for my subscription many times over by winning club events, KP's, etc. from my playing partners.

All Access Member

Eric B.

"Thank you for these wonderful videos. My pull hooks show up frequently on the same holes, usually where I am trying to avoid trouble on the left or push the shot for more distance. It is very annoying!! I believe tension plays a role as I tend to get quick in the downswing activating the shoulders. After watching these videos I am going to focus more on the setup keys you talk about in addition to a more relaxed tempo."

All Access Member

John L.

"Top Speed Lag showed me how to correctly create lag and get better contact which greatly improved my confidence and made swinging the club a whole lot more fun." 

Kevin Cameron

"I look forward to taking these gains, which could literally be up to 50 yards...out to the course."

Peter Voss. - Gilroy, CA

"I gained 19mph in one week...played Saturday and my drives were all finding the fairway...everyone in my group was amazed"

Mike M. - Florida

"I'm hitting all my clubs longer and straighter. Plus my handicap has improved by 4 strokes"

All Access Member

Steve W.

"Clay, once again you have topped past performance in your instructional series. You have taken us all into the classroom setting where we put down the clubs for a moment and focus on the most important element of this cerebral game we call golf. Excellent!"

All Access Member

Maurice Belcourt

"Priceless. From the entire TSG system, 20 Minute Distance Fix is all very helpful."

All Access Member

Jim Goodwin

"My first instructor never even mentioned compression or hands in front of the ball at impact. He had me breaking 100 in a matter of months, but I never got any better than a 24 handicap. I was in my early 40s and fit as a fiddle. Now, I am 63 and feel like I can lower my handicap despite my diminished flexibility."

All Access Member

Jason P.

"Thank you for such AMAZING instruction! I have never hit the ball so purely since I’ve begun your program started to build a fundamentally sound swing."

You can see results just like they did! I guarantee it… 

I stand behind my products here at Top Speed Golf.

In fact, I believe in them so strongly that I'm willing to take all the risk and leave you with none whatsoever.

Follow my Top Speed Golf System and I guarantee you'll love it...

...Or contact us anytime during the first year, and I'll refund 100% of your money.

It’s as simple as that.

You can relax and enjoy this membership completely risk-free, which lets you focus on your golf game instead.

So, now you have a choice to make… 

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I told you the All Access Membership has everything you need to become the best golfer you can!

If you were to hire me to teach just one of these modules in person, I charge $4,000. When you talk about training together for an entire year, that number goes up significantly.

You could learn all this with a local pro, and that’d set you back around $900. 

But since you just purchased the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix, I’m not going to ask anywhere near that amount from you.

Instead, I want to make you a special, one-time offer:

You can join my All Access Membership for just $49 per year… that’s over 65% off the regular price of $149/year! 

Basically I want to help as many people as possible to play their best game of golf ever. 

So I put something together that I think is a great deal for just about any budget… you’ll get the same quality and caliber of instruction you’d get if we were working together one on one, but for a fraction of the price.

This special offer is for the annual All Access Membership at over 65% off the regular price AND to receive exclusive access to the shallowing webinar where I answered any and all questions regarding how to shallow your swing.

After going through the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix course, you’ll love hearing the answers to questions you might have as well during this webinar.

I don’t want you to miss out… so go ahead and click the button to claim this special one-time offer. 

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