"Improve Your Wedge Play Almost Instantly. Stop Hitting It Fat and Get Out of Every Bunker with Ease, Guaranteed."

Free video below reveals how the all-new C3i Wedge is specifically designed for amateur and recreational golfers to deliver an ultra-forgiving, never-fear-the-sand-again experience. No digging. No blading. Legal for tournament play.

Do you struggle to get the ball out and close to the hole from the sand? Do you sometimes leave shots in the bunker? Or occasionally blade them out but over the green?

Whether you have a high or low handicap, if you’re inconsistent from the bunker or rough, or even the fairway when you’re 50 yards and in, you can say goodbye to a frustrating short game and say hello to lower scores today.

Keep reading because you’re about to discover…

How to instantly improve your short game and quickly cut strokes from your scores...

Perhaps as soon as your very next round... and without tons of practice. You’ll not only get the ball onto the green, you’ll get it close to the hole

… From any lie in the rough or sand…

… Leading to less frustration

… And fewer strokes.

You’ll finally escape bunkers in one shot, consistently.

You'll conquer tight lies and thick rough with ease. You’ll even hit high, soft flop shots almost automatically. And you’ll no longer sing the amateur golfer’s lament… “If I only played better around the greens, I’d shoot a lot lower scores…”

It’s a familiar refrain. Players of all handicaps – from low single-digits on up – give away strokes within 50 yards of the flag. Lots and lots of strokes.

The C3i has been featured in

Not only has the C3i Wedge received rave reviews from the golfers who have tried it, but it has caught the attention of several prominent golf publications as well. The C3i was highlighted in Golf Digest’s article “Five Wedges to Help You Hit Better Sand Shots” and chosen as a standout in MyGolfSpy’s comparison of specialty wedges, even beating out their traditional wedge for percentage of shots left in the bunker and proximity to the hole.

“For the weekend golfer, the high handicapper, the guy who just can’t get the damn ball out of the sand – the C3i Wedge is for you. You don’t have to change your stance, your aim or the way you swing the club; just step up and hit it out and closer.”


Care to guess why your short game gives you so much trouble?

“Because I don’t have enough time to practice,” you may be thinking. Yep, that’s one reason... “Because on sand shots and pitches, I have to set up and swing differently than I do for normal shots. It’s tricky.” That’s another one... “Because my swing is too steep, causing fat shots and inconsistency.”

Man, I am impressed. You definitely know your game. But you’re missing the common thread tying all these problems together:

You're using wedges that weren't designed for YOU.

Traditional wedges, like the ones in your bag, require tons of practice to master. They force you to open your stance and clubface to play basic shots. They feature narrow soles that dig sharply into the turf, and offer very little forgiveness on miss-hits. On the plus side, they look great in your bag. They sound and feel amazing, too. When you happen to hit them perfectly flush, that is.

Want to know why that’s so hard?

Simple: Traditional wedges are designed for pros.

And for all the innovations you’ve seen in drivers, irons, hybrids and putters…

Sand wedge technology was mostly ignored for more than 80 years.

Let’s break down the primary flaws in these outdated clubs.

Traditional Sand Wedge Defect #1: The Sole is Too Narrow

From leading edge to trailing edge, the sole on a typical sand wedge measures about 1 inch.

Sounds like plenty, doesn’t it?

It is – if you’re a pro. In that case, your approach angle to the ball is shallow enough not to dig into the sand or turf. Assuming you’re an amateur, your swing is probably much steeper – and the narrow sole does you no favors. When your wedge hits the sand on a sharp angle, it digs straight in with little to no resistance. The same thing happens when you catch the turf behind the ball.

The results: bunker shots left in the sand, chips and pitches chunked short of the green.

In other words, wasted strokes.

Traditional Sand Wedge Defect #2: Not Enough Loft

Most sand wedges feature 56° of loft, give or take a degree. That’s fine, as long as you’ve got little or no lip to clear and plenty of green to work with. But we all know that’s the exception, not the rule. Usually, you’ve got to get the ball up and over a lip at least 2 feet high – sometimes a lot more – and stop it quickly to have any chance at a one-putt.

With a 56° wedge, that means opening the clubface to increase the loft. You’ve also got to open your stance and swing across the target line to further boost the effective loft and keep the ball from veering way right. Whew. Talk about tough.

It’s even harder to hit a lob or flop shot with a traditional sand wedge, because opening the face does three things – all bad:

  • Moves the hosel closer to the ball, bringing the dreaded shank into play;
  • Raises the leading edge off the ground, increasing the likelihood of a thin shot; and
  • Shrinks the effective hitting area, making it even harder to catch the sweet spot.

True, there are a few alternatives to conventional models. But they look odd at setup, they’re not very versatile and they feel clunky on contact.

So where does that leave you?

In that no-man’s-land we call “wedge limbo.” Waiting and hoping for someone, somewhere, to devise a wedge that makes the short game easier for amateur golfers…

… Yet still offers playability and pure feel.

Well, I’ve got some exciting news: The long, painful wait is over!

You heard it here first. Finally – FINALLY! – there’s a wedge that fills the void.

Introducing the C3i Wedge, the most forgiving and easiest-to-hit wedge you've ever played.

Striking, isn’t it?

You’ll be stunned by what it does for your game, too.

With the C3i Wedge, you can:

  • Get out of any bunker in a single swing. No more round-crushing, multi-shot nightmares in the sand.
  • Practically eliminate fat shots within 50 yards of the flag. The C3i’s AutoGlide Xtreme Sole is extra-wide and delicately cambered to prevent digging into the turf.
  • Set directly at your target and swing. No need to open your stance or clubface for sand shots or pitches.
  • Play cloud-piercing flop shots like a tour pro. Equipped with 65° of loft, the C3i lets you launch sky-high, soft-landing, shots with remarkable ease – and do it with little or no practice.

This club is a game changer around the green!

Unlike a traditional wedge, the C3i:

  • Clips the ball cleanly off tight lies. With the bounce located toward the rear of the flange, the C3i slips easily between ball and turf.
  • Works beautifully in any greenside situation. Soft sand? No problem. Bunkers compacted by rain? Piece of cake. Thick rough? Spongy fairways? You name it, the C3i handles it like a champ.
  • Lets you open the clubface, in the sand or light rough, without grabbing or snagging on the way through. It’s hard to spot the subtle design tweaks giving adding “relief” to the heel and hosel are hard to spot, but they make a huge difference.
  • Looks like a classic, conventional wedge at address… and feels and sounds like one on contact. A special insert in the club’s cavity provides pleasing, familiar feedback.
  • Delivers superior spin from all types of lies. The designers placed the C3i’s center of gravity (COG) to create exceptional stability and produce loads of ball-stopping backspin – much more than the leading traditional models,… as you’ll find out shortly.
  • Provides exceptional stability through the hitting area, translating to uncanny accuracy no matter where the ball strikes the face. The secret lies in the COG’s unique positioning relative to the sole.

“Goes through the sand with ease. No effort!”

Denny Galvin (12 handicap)

“Effortless! Not one ball stayed in the bunker.”

Jim Richardsons (17 handicap)

The C3i’s Amateur-Friendly Design Makes It Unlike Any Wedge You’ve Ever Played

This handy chart sums up how the C3i’s creators upended decades of conventional wedge wisdom to craft this stroke-saving wonder:

Unique C3i Feature

How it Helps Your Game

AutoGlide Xtreme Sole – 2” wide (vs. traditional 1” sole)

Literally glides across turf and through sand, all but eliminating fat chips and flubbed bunker shots

Hosel/heel section shaped to minimize material collecting in “pocket”

Wedge cuts cleanly through sand or turf, whether clubface is square or open, for maximum backspin and accuracy

Extra curvature and beveling across leading edge

Smoother interaction with turf means less snagging and digging, providing consistently clean contact

Heel portion of sole shaved down for more “relief”

Allows opening of clubface without adding bounce and raising leading edge off ground

Bounce (12°) placed closer to trailing edge

Club is highly effective from firm lies, less prone to blading

More camber from front to back of sole

C3i slides smoothly over turf and into sand

COG located up and back within the clubhead

Extra backspin from all types of lies, no matter where the ball strikes the clubface

The C3i is one cool wedge, don’t you think? Of course, looks are not this club’s defining quality. That may just be its unprecedented versatility.

The C3i gives middle to high handicappers the help they need while providing single-digits the shotmaking capabilities they demand.

I’m not just saying that because it sounds good. The C3i’s stroke-saving performance is backed by scientific data and real user testing.

Even if you have a good short game, you have to get this wedge.

Amazing results for everyday amateurs, verified by a robot with a flawless swing.

Not just any robot, mind you, but a robot named LDRIC (pronounced “Eldrick” – like a certain 15-time major champion). This amazing machine works for Golf Laboratories, the most respected independent equipment testing company in golf.

Unlike you and me, LDRIC swings exactly as programmed, every single time, no matter what clubs you put in his shiny metal hands.

On this day, those clubs were the C3i and two of the best-known, top-selling traditional wedges on the market.

Can you say David vs. Goliath?

Well, guess what?

The C3i pulled a monumental upset.

The Test: Each wedge was tested by LDRIC in the sand, with an impact point 2 inches behind the ball like a regular explosion shot. We also asked LDRIC to test them by hitting 2 inches behind the ball, a fat shot, on turf.

Check out the results below.


C3i Wedge Results

Traditional Wedge Results*

Sand shot
(impact 2” behind ball)

32.2 yds

Max height:

19.6 yds

Spin rate:

5,234 RPM

17.8 yds

Max height:

12.4 yds

Spin rate:

3,367 RPM

The C3i slipped through the sand so cleanly, its shots carried 14.4 yards farther on average, than those hit with the other wedges.

Amazingly, the C3i also generated 55% more spin while carrying 21.6 feet higher than its competitors. That’s superior stopping power.


C3i Wedge Results

Traditional Wedge Results*

Fat Shot Off Turf 

(impact 2” behind ball)

27.1 yds

19.6 yds

The C3i’s shots traveled 7.5 yards farther and closer to the hole, on average, than the other wedges’ shots.

That’s 39% more consistent, on-the-green distance on fat shots with the C3i… the difference between putting for par and praying for bogey.

*Average of two tested clubs.

Instant success for the golfers who tested the C3i 65° Wedge

The robot testing was exciting, to say the least. But before putting the C3i on the market, we also wanted to find out exactly how it performed for everyday golfers.

So, we gathered two groups of players at separate Arizona locations—one at beautiful Wickenburg Ranch Golf and Social Club, another at the splendid Verrado GC near Phoenix—and asked them to play specific shots – from deep bunkers, skinny lies, divots and everything in between – first with their own wedges, then with the C3i.

You can read more about their individual experiences below, but here’s the gist...

For once, a product as good as advertised

With their own wedges, the players…

  • Hit some nice shots interspersed with some, um, not-so-nice ones…
  • Had a tough time making consistently clean contact, from grass or sand, and…
  • Rarely got enough height or spin to stop shots near the hole.

But with the C3i, they…

  • Hit far more good shots than bad (and pulled off a bunch that were flat-out jaw-dropping)…
  • Consistently made clean contact no matter the surface or lie (including divots), and…
  • Got the trajectory and spin needed to clear hazards and stop the ball quickly – time after time
  • Bob Stuart, a 7 handicap, hit seven shots that all checked up and landed within 10 feet of the pin, and these were pitch shots off a thin lie, with the entire green running downhill away from him.
  • Mac Engh, a 17-handicapper, lipped out the first flop shot he played with the C3i.
  • Bob Shaw, a 12 who struggles in the sand, failed to find the green with his own wedge – then knocked two to tap-in range with the C3i.
  • James Chestnut, another 12 handicapper, practically duplicated Mr. Shaw’s experience with several awesome explosion shots.

“All you need to do is set up square and hit it. It’s that easy.”

The Test: 40-yard pitch from good lies and divots

“The C3i did exactly what I was hoping for it to do. I was able to eliminate the thought of hitting it thick, eliminate the thought of hitting it thin and running it way past the green where I have to bear another nightmare chip coming back.

The C3i gave me confidence just to walk up, line it up and hit the ball. It gave me 100% confidence.”

-Mark Markham (8 handicap)

“It makes you feel almost like a pro.”

The Test: Flop shot across a bunker to a green sloping away

“This C3i is great for your short game, for your flop shots, and it's just the confidence and the consistency that you get from hitting it. And all you’ve got to do is hit it a few times, and it just keeps getting better.

I'm pretty much of a skeptic when it comes to technology, so I'm convinced that this is well worth it.”

-Mac Engh (17 handicap)

“I believe that this club potentially can take five or six strokes off my game”

The Test: Bunker shot with little green to work with and the green sloping away

“I sincerely believe that this club is the real deal. I simply got into the trap after hitting my own wedge, hit (the C3i) four or five times and never left it in the bunker. And it just got progressively better.

When I look at it from the front, it just looks like a traditional golf club. I just felt very comfortable with it. I've never hit any club – from a putter to a driver – that I could see the immediate differences in as I did in this club.”

-Bob Shaw (12 handicap)

“Literally effortless. It just glides through the sand and the ball pops out.”

The Test: Bunker shot with the green sloping away

“With a regular wedge, maybe 30 percent I might leave in a bunker. With this (C3i), you could actually start thinking about getting close, because you have the confidence that it’s going to come out. Now you can start really working on just getting your distance down.

I hit maybe a dozen shots (with the C3i) and what struck me was that not one of them stayed in the bunker – they all came out. All on the green and I was putting. That's what I want.”

-Jim Richardsons (17 handicap)

“The C3i makes me feel more confident in the bunker.”

The Test: Long bunker shot with green sloping away

“My first three shots with the C3i, as I came through the ball, I knew I had hit the ball too hard. But when I looked up to see the ball land, how it stuck near the flag, I was amazed that the club put that much backspin on the ball.

With the C3i, after hitting those three shots, I knew right then that I was gonna be able to shave four to five strokes off my game.”

-James Chestnut (12 handicap)

“It goes right toward the pin every time.”

The Test: Long bunker shot with green sloping away

“I struggle a lot coming out of the bunkers. That’s probably the weakest part of my game. I’m just totally inconsistent with my traditional wedge.

With the C3i Wedge, when I set it down it made me feel very comfortable because I could square up to the target right away. I didn’t have to worry about swinging left or swinging right or swinging across the ball, I could swing straight through the ball.”

-Denny Galvin (12 handicap)

There’s plenty more praise to share, but first...

If you’re already convinced, like I am, the C3i Wedge is…

  • A sure-fire stroke saver from sand, fairway and rough…
  • Supremely forgiving on miss-hits and downright deadly when you catch it flush…
  • The perfect blend of game-improvement features with traditional style and feel…

Then I want to get one in your hands ASAP. All you’ve got do is:

OK, so maybe you’re not quite convinced the C3i can turn you into a par-saving, birdie-making, up-and-down machine.

I get it. And I’m happy to address your concerns.

How can I be sure the C3i Wedge is right for me?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you routinely lose 3 shots or more around the greens?
  • Do you ever leave the ball in a bunker, even on a seemingly easy shot?
  • Do you tend to chunk chips and pitch shots? Occasionally blade one over the green?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you answered “yes” to the C3i. (Feel free to skip to the order section.)

My clubs aren’t the problem. It’s my technique. What’s the point of getting the C3i?

The point is, the same technique that doesn’t work with your traditional wedge will produce much better results with the C3i. The AutoGlide Xtreme Sole doesn’t demand perfect ball-club-turf contact to get the job done – and you don’t have to worry about opening your stance or clubface to hit a sand or flop shot.

Where does the C3i fit in my bag?

Short answer: Anywhere you can find space (while complying with the 14-club rule, of course).

If you carry a lob wedge, you’ll want to replace it with the 65° C3i. As you’ve seen, it works beautifully as a sand wedge, too, and its design makes the C3i incredibly handy in most any greenside situation.

The C3i looks different from most wedges. How do I know it’s not a gimmick?

Excellent question.

I’d simply recommend scrolling back up to read the feedback and watch the videos of the everyday golfers who tested the C3i – none of whom had ever used it and hear what they said the very first time they ever tried it.

Then revisit the info from our pal LDRIC, who didn’t have a dog in the fight (if you will) when he tried the C3i against two brand-name competitors.

Real user testing backed by scientific data. There’s nothing gimmicky about that.

I’ve seen ads for other high-loft, wide-sole wedges. Is the C3i just a knockoff of those?

Absolutely not. In fact, our designers studied the wedges you’re talking about and, while they found things to like, they found lots of shortcomings, too.

For instance, the others tend to skip off tight lies (causing thin shots) and sometimes snag in the rough. The C3i was built to eliminate these problems – and to sound and feel much better than competitors.

Is the C3i legal for use?

Yes, indeed – it's even legal for tournament play.

If the C3i isn’t manufactured by a well-known brand, who makes it?

An independent company which hired some of the best designers in the business – guys who have built clubs for big brands, placing several models on the coveted Golf Digest “Hot List.” And while contractual details preclude us from identifying those clubs, trust me – you’d know them if you heard their names.

OK, remind me one more time why I need the C3i Wedge.

No problem. I’ll make it simple:

To save strokes and shoot lower scores without investing piles of time and money in lessons or practice. With the C3i, you really can buy a better golf game!

Which brings us to the ultimate question.

You want to know how much it’s gonna cost.

Before revealing today’s special price, I can tell you it’s an extraordinary value compared to:

  • A new traditional wedge from a big-name clubmaker (typically $120 - $200).
  • A fancy new putter, which you won’t even need because with the C3i in your bag, you’ll hear a constant chorus of “That’s good. Pick it up.” But if you must have that blinged-out flat-stick, prepare to pay anywhere from $125 to $500.
  • The latest driver played by the hottest tour pros, a club that won’t do much (if anything) for your game but will run you upwards of
  • 500… 600… even 700 smackers.Tuition for a one-, two- or three-day short game school, where you’ll learn the myriad techniques needed to use a traditional wedge – techniques the C3i makes completely unnecessary – to the tune of $300 - $2,500.
  • Your very own backyard short game area. How much will that set you back? You don’t wanna know.

Sorry for the sticker shock.

This ought to bring you back down to earth:

You can try the all-new C3i Wedge today for just $109.

That’s more like it, right?

And that it comes with a sweet BONUS:

Purchase your C3i Wedge today and you’ll receive FREE access to exclusive online video lessons showing you all the incredible shots you can hit with the C3i… and how to hit them.

That’s a $200 value and available only to C3i purchasers – absolutely FREE!

Finally, because we’re absolutely, positively certain you’ll love your new club, we’re offering this iron-clad guarantee:

Try the C3i for 60 days and if it doesn’t save you multiple strokes per round, we’ll send you a full refund.

When I say “try” the C3i, I’m not talking about hitting a few chips in the yard. I want you to give it a real workout.

On the course, the range, the chipping green and in the practice bunker… or anywhere else there’s room to play shots you’ll encounter during a round.

  1. Try it in the sand – perfect, fluffy or firm. Heck, see how it handles buried and fried-egg lies. (I think you’ll be amazed.)
  2. Drop some balls in the rough and watch how effortlessly the C3i pops them up and out.
  3. Hit it fat on purpose – if you can force yourself – to confirm its unprecedented forgiveness.
  4. Pick the best fairway turf you can find and experiment with short and mid-range pitches.
  5. Test its mettle from the lousiest lies – divots and muddy spots, even leaves or pine straw.
  6. Give it a whirl from tight lies like close-cropped chipping areas and baked-out grass.
  7. Open the face and swing it in the light rough or sand to determine if it grabs or cruises right through.
  8. Assess the loft, spin, roll and feel the C3i delivers in any of the above situations.
  9. Compare its look at address to a traditional wedge or other wide-sole models.
  10. And whatever you do, don’t forget to try the gravity-defying flop shot with your new greenside weapon.

If the C3i falls short of your expectations in any of these instances, or…

  • Fails to save you precious strokes…
  • Proves no better than the wedge you’re currently playing…
  • Displeases you for any reason whatsoever...

Just send it back. We’ll follow with a full refund (less shipping).

The way I see it, the purchase decision comes down to this:

Risk: ZERO.

Potential rewards: more fun, fewer strokes & a lower handicap ... and priceless bragging rights.

I don’t know how any golfer could turn down this offer. It would be like laying up on a par 5 with only 150 yards to reach in two – and not a hazard in sight. Or saying, “Thanks but no thanks” to an invitation to play Augusta.

You wouldn’t dream of doing that, would you? I didn’t think so.

You shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by, either.

  • If you’re ready to conquer every bunker…
  • Turn automatic bogeys into tap-in pars…
  • Pitch it like a pro from any kind of lie…
  • Wow your buddies with sky-scraping flop shots…
  • Play whole rounds without leaving a single ball in a bunker, and…
  • Save strokes like you never knew you could…
  • Guaranteed!

PLUS… Purchase the C3i Wedge today and you’ll also get:

Free C3i Wedge Training  Bonus Series

3-Video Bonus Trainings

These bonus videos are not available anywhere else

  • The simple right forearm tweak to nail the proper bunker
    shot swing plane.
  • The surprising reason pros bend their knees so much in the bunker (hint: it has nothing to do with stability or balance).
  • The one time when closing the club face on your wedge
    may be your only chance to save par.
  • How to use the C3i like a scalpel rather than a Swiss Army
  • What shocked me the very first time I swung the C3i.
  • How to use the C3i for MASSIVE backspin (it's easier than
    you'll believe).
  • The tweaks you need for taming both greenside rough and
    scary tight lies.
  • Everything you need for managing the C3i's bounce (in
    simple, straightforward language).
  • The shots you should NEVER attempt with your C3i.
Order today and get your special bonus...

Just to be up front, I'll earn a small percentage on any purchase you make. This helps me keep the lights on and continue making great content for you.

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More Reviews from Golfers Like You

Hi guys - I just wanted to say thank you so much for my new best golfing friend! I've had the club for 3 weeks now and with only a modest amount of practice and 2 rounds I'm hitting some great flop and bunker shots. What I love best is the consistency and confidence this club inspires. Everyone I play with wants to hold it and give it a try.

Great job - and thanks for making golf more fun.


I finally had the chance to use [the C3i], and let me tell you, “it is as advertised”. A tremendous bunker relief and an outstanding club around the green. For the longest time, I would loft my 56˚ in the bunker with mixed results. Not anymore, with the C3i. I followed the tutorials, normal stance, and just use your normal swing. The balls are 99.9 % close to the cup. The missed shots are all normal human error for me. Around the greens? WOW this club is amazing. 99.9% accurate within 20" to 30" to the cup. A definite keeper for me. Thank you C3i.


I absolutely love this club. Getting out of the sand used to be one fo the weakest parts of my game, but with the C3i, I get out of every sand trap, big or small


I am so pleased with the C3i. My game was to the point that on any given hole I would aim well away from a bunker because once in there, it is likely it would take me 2 or 3 shots to get out. Right now I am not scared to be in the bunker. The C3i has saved me around 7 shots a round. I am very pleased and every amateur should have one in their bag.


I recently received this amazing wedge and added to my bag!! The first time I used it (without practicing)...I hit my third shot in the bunker on a par 5. With the C3i, I hit the ball out of the bunker and made par!! The same scenario happened on the 7th hole....(what I call "A Sandy Par")...Thanks to this amazing wedge C3i!!


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