Get the Check Point Swing Laser to FINALLY Start Shallowing the Club and Striking the Ball Pure!

Hey, it's Clay here again...

And it's one thing to be TOLD you need to shallow the club to begin your downswing...

But it's just not easy to pull off if you don't know what it FEELS like to shallow the club.

The Check Point Swing Laser gives you the immediate feedback you need to know what works (and what doesn't) when you're trying to get the club into a more shallow position early in the downswing.

  • Gives you instant feedback! This device tells you if you're swinging too steep or too shallow
  • Put an end to your "over the top" swing path (the #1 cause of your slice!!)
  • Quickly and easily attaches to any club in your bag
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

Let's talk about why you're going to love the Check Point Swing Laser...

So, why is it so important to get the club shallowed out to begin your downswing?

Well, you can simplify everything and say that all that matters is what happens at impact... but in reality, what you're doing with the rest of your swing may be making that "great impact position" very difficult to accomplish.

The Check Point Swing Laser is great for helping you "feel" the proper way to use your backswing to create positive momentum

What you really don't want is to not use the body to turn... just picking it up with all hands and wrists.

Without a feedback mechanism like the Swing Laser this problem isn't so obvious...

Bringing the club back like this will promote:

  • An early bowed lead wrist
  • An early cupped trail wrist
  • ...and a steep, over-the-top swing

Trace the laser directly down the line in your backswing to be perfectly on plane at the top of the swing...


If you struggle with a steep swing or are trying to fix a slice... I recommend tracing outside the line so you can hit a position at the top that will promote a shallower downswing.

More importantly...How can we stop from yanking down on the handle from the top of the swing...

You can be told over and over what you're "supposed" to do in the downswing, but being able to see and feel that you're doing it correctly is priceless!

No more guesswork! Start ingraining the feel for how to shallow the club!

I actually like for players to exaggerate a shallower plane in the downswing while you aren't hitting a ball.

Go ahead and have the laser a little bit outside of this green line.

For a steeper player this is a great feeling to engrain before you get back to making full swings with a ball. (With a full swing you will most likely revert to being closer to being directly on the green line.)

Not only does it help remove the guesswork, but this device works inside and outside!

Is it not the best weather for golf?

Not to worry, because the Check Point Swing Laser can be used inside as well as outside.

Like most indoor training aids, you'll need the proper amount of space to make a full swing, and since you won't need a ball to hit, you won't have to worry about breaking any windows in the process!

Want to take it to the driving range? Just detach it from the club, toss it in the bag it comes with, and off you go!

It's easy enough for any golfer to use!

If you're an engineer or just like to tinker with electronics, you could make one of these in your own time...

But if you're not interested in homemade solutions, this product can quickly be installed on any club without any machines or tools!

The only real maintenance for this product would be that you'll eventually have to replace the batteries, but any regular old triple-A battery will do. No hard to find batteries here!

So here's the bottom line...

  • I love the Check Point Swing Laser because it gives you instant feedback and helps ingrain the "feel" of shallowing the club in the backswing!
  • If you don't have a device to help you properly shallow the club... THE CHECK POINT SWING LASER IS MY TOP PICK FOR THE TOP SPEED GOLF SYSTEM!

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How do Tour pros make golf look so easy? With proper swing sequencing.

In this video, I'll show you the keys to getting your hips, shoulders, arms and club working in unison to flush shot after shot, round after round.

You'll discover:

  • How to achieve the “Straight Line Release” that’s common to all major champions
  • What it takes to get your hips and shoulders in just the right positions to create powerful lag with perfect timing
  • Where your club should “split the forearms,” and how to make sure it happens there
  • A simple way to get your body open and the clubface square for deadly accuracy
  • The “cheat code” that will help you nail proper sequencing as quickly as possible

These lessons are a perfect match for the Check Point Swing Laser because it tells you when you’ve nailed the correct positions at each spot in the sequence.

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