Use This Wall Release Drill to Stop Hitting Thin Golf Shots

Practice Anywhere, Anytime, With or Without a Ball. Get Instant Feedback on Your Swing and Dial In Your Ball Striking & Consistency, Fast

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Hey, it's Clay here again...

And I've got a question...

Are you tired of inconsistent contact?

Are you tired of chunking easy approach shots, thinning the ball over the green, or slicing it OB?

Well, I finally found a training device that'll get rid of all those embarrassing shots and help you make consistent contact.

The Divot Board gives you instant feedback on how you're striking the ball! 

  • The Divot Board tells you the path of your club and if you're striking the ground too soon, if you're slicing it, if you're drawing it, etc.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors and with or without a ball
  • Clips the board to your golf bag to take it with you to the course
  • Helps fix the shanks!

Let's talk about the ways you can use the Divot Board to improve your ball striking...

I don't like many training aids on the market...

Often, they over-promise and under-deliver. That's why nearly all of the training aids I've reviewed end up in the dumpster.

However, I was blown away by how awesome the Divot Board is and how it can help you improve your ball striking and divot reading!

Simply set the board up on any flat surface (indoors or out) where you have enough room to perform a full swing.

You don't even need a ball to practice with the Divot Board!

Swing through the ball marker, and the sequins will turn white when your club head hits the board.

If the sequins show that you're striking the ground too early, the sequins before the ball mark on the board are going to turn white.

If the sequins show a square, straight divot, starting at the ball marker, great swing!

If you're slicing the ball, the sequins will show a divot that goes off to the left (for right-handed golfers)... and if you're drawing the ball, the sequins will show a divot that goes off slightly to the right.

Not only does it help you improve your swing, but it's versatile enough to use anywhere, anytime you want to practice!

The great part about the Divot Board is that you can practice it in your own living room... in your basement... heck, you can use it in the office!

It's light weight enough to clip to your golf bag and take to the course, and it works on any flat surface, so there's not many excuses for not finding enough time during the day to take some practice swings!

It's affordable enough for any golfer to own!

There's plenty of other devices on the market to read your divots, but most are more cumbersome and expensive.

Not only that, but after repeated use, many of those other divot readers need to be replaced outright. That's not cheap!

And the Divot Board is durable. Many players report that their Divot Boards are still in good shape for up to 3,000 swings.

But if you do wear out the pad on your Divot Board, there's no need to replace the whole unit. Inexpensive replacement pads are available if you need one.

The Bottom Line...

My Rating:

  • I give the Divot Board a 9.4 out of 10 rating, because it gives you instant feedback and helps you hit the cleanest, most solid shots of your life!
  • If you don't have a divot reading device or can't use it inside... THE DIVOT BOARD IS MY TOP PICK FOR YOU

PLUS… Purchase the Divot Board today and you’ll also get:

Free Bonus Course:

"Stop Your Early Extension"

Fix this Common Problem for Killer Consistency

In this three-part video series, I'll tackle one of the most common problems among amateur golfers – early extension, aka “standing up” or “losing your posture” in the downswing.

This single issue can cause nearly any miss-hit in the book, from slicing to topping to weak distance. Watch these videos, practice the recommended drills and soon you will:

  • Stop casting the club and start driving it longer
  • Get your hips through the ball for even more power
  • Maintain your posture all the way to the finish – the key to consistent contact
  • Shallow the club and hit draws throughout the bag
  • Feel better physically at the end of each round

Even if you’re not super flexible, these methods will do wonders for your game. And using the Divot Board while you learn is the perfect way to gauge your progress. Get FREE, lifetime access to "Stop Your Early Extension" when you purchase a Divot Board here, on this page, today.

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