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Do you struggle with Consistency... Slicing... or Distance?
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Adopt this simple “natural motion” tweak in minutes and you’ll understand why I say…


-Clay Ballard

  • Do you struggle with inconsistent contact? Hitting one shot great and then chunking or thinning the next?
  • Or maybe you’re tired of hitting longer clubs into the greens than your buddies or seeing even a light wind “beat up” your shots?
  • Or perhaps you hit a stray drive or two each round that causes those couple of “blow up holes”?
  • Or even worse… it feels like every dang shot goes a mile right or a mile left?

Or maybe you’re just sick of the way your swing looks or feels? Are you losing too much lag? Rushing your downswing? Coming “over the top”? Reverse pivoting? Standing up in the downswing? Stalling your hips? Not getting your hands ahead at impact? Not shifting your weight and rotating through your shots? Manipulating your body and club? Trying to “save” your shots with your hands?

If you responded “yes” to even one of those 16 questions…

…there’s about a 97.3% chance that you’re swinging too steep.

You simply MUST get your club shallower at the start of the downswing.

In fact, shallowing the club is so important… I consider it the number one difference between good and poor ball strikers, partly because it can actually fix every single one of those issues you said “yes” to.

Heck, just look at what it did for one single player…

“Went to the range early this morning for 1.5 hours. I tried your lesson to a T.

The results were astounding.

Hitting a 7 iron into a stiff wind. 15mph…

I followed your suggestions… No exaggeration – I didn’t miss a shot. 

The ball traveled in a trajectory that I was attempting. Low or high depending on ball position.

Slight right to left and as importantly 20 yds further than whatever the heck I was doing prior to your lesson.

The turn back and through was easier. Staying behind the ball was easier. Finishing with weight on my forward leg. 

Certainly easier on my back and body. Divots were in front of the ball and shallow.

Very impressive lesson if one follows the game plan.

Allen Shaw

So, hold on tight…

Because in just a minute, I’ll reveal the “game plan” Allen followed so you can finally start to shallow YOUR swing.

And until you fix your steep swing by figuring out how to shallow the club on each and every swing, nothing else you do or practice will give you better results on the course.

Not a fancy new club, no matter what the manufacturer says…

Not that miracle training aid that promises to turn a weekend duffer into Bubba off the tee…

And no other golf tips or lessons will have anywhere near the power and impact shallowing could have on your swing.

But when you do figure it out… Your shots will be solid, long, and consistently go where you want them to. 

You’ll hear that amazing crack that only comes from a perfectly struck shot instead of chuckles from your buddies because you have yet another one veering off into the woods.

So, look, if shallowing the club is so important and it’s such common knowledge that everyone in golf knows this is the key… and if 99% of pros shallow the club on every single swing but roughly 97% of amateurs never do…

$56,715 worth of training aids will never deliver the incredible improvement that shallowing your club will.

I mean, if it’s so important and everyone knows it, why hasn’t it been solved yet?

Well, until recently, it’s been extremely hard to get a recreational golfer to consistently shallow it.

When traditional instructors teach how to get that club on a shallower plane, they give a laundry list of instructions with uncomfortable things to do differently with your wrists… with your forearms… with your elbows… with your shoulders… with your hips…

And none of those new things feel natural at all. They feel super awkward, like you’re manipulating and contorting your body in a way it just doesn’t want to go...

Then all those uncomfortable new moves and thoughts have to be synced up in the perfect order as you transition from your backswing to your downswing.

The “old way” of shallowing is frustratingly tough to sync up.

And you have to pull all this off… in about 0.15 seconds. No problem, right?

To successfully nail all that as a recreational player takes many months, often years, working on this one piece of the swing…. while probably playing a lot of bad golf in the process.

Now there’s a great pay off to go through all that, but dang, isn’t there an easier way? Something that’s not hard as heck?

Well, it turns out there is. It’s a new breakthrough called the Natural Positioning Move.

And with this Natural Positioning Move – a simple, practically effortless way to make a complex set of swing motions almost automatic – you can completely shortcut all that hard work.

Rather than grinding it out on the range for months or years…

“This ‘Natural Positioning Move’ will have you shallowing the club with ease after just a few swings”

…imagine shallowing it… not after weeks or even days… but after just a few swings like Michael from Florida…

WOW! I have struggled to do the move to shallow the club for months. This made it easy. Within 5 or 6 swings it worked.

Michael C.

That’s what’s possible now with the Natural Positioning Move.

OK, so, you’re probably wondering what the heck it is.

Well, it’s one move you already learned decades ago — as early as 3 years old, in fact — far, far away from a golf course…

And that move can be applied to your golf swing in minutes and will have you automatically shallowing every club in your bag without even thinking about it.

That’s right… you already have the exact muscle memory to fix your steep swing, so it’s way faster and easier than what you’ve tried before. 

You just need someone to show you how to apply this Natural Positioning Move to golf, the same way Jim from Michigan did…

"Don’t know why I haven’t heard that before, but when I tried it, it totally made sense and I felt it got me in the position I have always tried to feel."

Jim D.

And it’s all backed up by a pretty cool scientific theory I won’t bore you with (but you can google it on your own: “Generalized Motor Programming Invariant Features”).

So for now… If you want to skip all the hard work of learning completely new motions that feel awkward and hard to sequence together…

…like you’re just manipulating the club instead of swinging it…

…and instead simply press the “easy button” to naturally start shallowing the club and hitting the most solid shots of your life on the course as soon as today…

…just like 78-year-old Peter from Florida who said…

"Fantastic method. It was easy to understand and I was able to take it to the range that same morning. On the golf course my swing naturally fell into place, and my ball striking was immediately improved. Next day out I shot a 77, 1 under my age. Driving distance was dramatically improved, and irons were crisp."


Now if you’re ready for that…you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

But first, let me very quickly introduce myself in case we haven’t met before…

Hi, my name’s Clay Ballard…

I’ve played professional golf for about 15 years now and have taught the swing for almost as long.

By focusing relentlessly on distilling the few real fundamentals – the handful of things that are going to make the biggest difference to an amateur to be more consistent, hit it longer, stop slicing, and just enjoy the game a lot more…

…in the clearest and easiest-to-understand way possible…

…I’ve built an audience of over 600,000 avid recreational golfers on my YouTube channel…

…making it the 4th largest in the world, more than double the audience of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine – COMBINED.

And recently, I was honored to be a guest on NBC Peacock’s “Swing Expedition” with Tiger Woods’ former swing coach.

But despite all the worldwide attention on my instruction…

This new discovery – the Natural Positioning Move – has never been shared outside the “walls” of this website. In fact, there’s only one place this is covered anywhere in the world… and I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Before we move on, though, check out what some of the lucky golfers who got their hands on the Natural Positioning Move early had to say about it…

"The drill towards target and towards ball is great for stopping over the top swing! Really gives you a natural feel for promoting hips/body first swing instead of shoulders/arms. Nice way to feel lag developing!"

John G.

"Anyone who does not relish this will never know the satisfaction this game can bring. Bravo!"

Jim L.

As you can see, experienced golfers of all ages and fitness levels are raving about their game-changing results after using the Natural Positioning Move.

And if you’re wondering how so many different types of golfers are seeing such dramatic improvement so ridiculously fast…

It’s because the Natural Positioning Move works by showing you – step by step – how to find YOUR Natural Wrist Position. And YOUR Natural Elbow Position. 

Everything’s based on what works with YOUR body and YOUR swing… so that you finally unlock your swing and automatically shallow the club for consistently solid shots.

Just like Edward from California told me:

"The drills clearly illustrate exactly how to customize and adjust grip, tilt, plane, weight transfer, shallow and angle of attack to my personal physical capability."


After all, trying to do things that weren’t natural to you undoubtedly caused many of your past struggles that you’re now leaving behind.

Shallow Your Club Into the CONSISTENCY CONE

So, I’m excited to introduce you to the Natural Wrist and Elbow Positions… But before we get to those…

I want you to see how much better your swing looks within minutes of using the Natural Positioning Move.

And to do that… to actually see what shallowing is in the swing…

I like to use what I call the Consistency Cone to visually check whether or not you’re on a swing plane that’s shallow enough…

Check out these 3 students who are now getting their club heads inside the green Consistency Cone about halfway into the downswing.

They’re all on a much shallower plane now so they can stay in posture, come from the inside, and release the club naturally for those baby draws that all the best players hit on command.

This is Bud…

Bud shallowed his swing to get his club head inside the Consistency Cone and can now keep his posture into impact.

We simply measure where Bud’s club head is about halfway into the downswing, anywhere from the point where the left arm is roughly parallel with the ground to when the hands are hip high.

On the left, with his “before” swing, you can see he’s above the Cone. That’s too steep.

That’s going to make him stand up out of his posture and sort of flip the club head to save the shot. And we know that’s a super inconsistent way to play golf.

Now on the right, you can see Bud’s gotten that club head into the Consistency Cone. He’s shallowed it out.

Now he just stays in posture and delivers that club from the inside for those awesome baby draws.

Here's Tom...

In the "Before" swing, Tom was coming WAY over the top, the trademark of a slicer. Now he shallows into the Consistency Cone for solid draws.

Just look how much Tom’s moved that club head! Look at how much shallower he is in that “After” pic.

In the “before” shot, he’s coming right over the top of it, staring an ugly slice right in the face.

But now Tom’s in a great position to slide down that Cone on a nice, shallow plane for incredibly solid contact with his hands ahead of the ball at impact.

And one last great example is Suzie…

Suzie has also shallowed out her swing, allowing her to be an athlete and just release the club naturally, instead of manipulating it through impact.

In that “before” swing, Suzie must manipulate the club to keep the ball in play on the course.

But now she’s in a beautiful position to allow the club head to release very naturally. She can just be an athlete and let the club work as it’s intended.

And that’s the power of the Natural Positioning Move.

Of course, it’s not just recreational players doing this.

All the guys you watch on TV shallow it out, too, right into the Consistency Cone.

Here’s an example of my student, PGA Tour Pro Rob Oppenheim:

ALL pros shallow it out, just like my student above, PGA Tour Pro Rob Oppenheim.

When you use the Natural Positioning Move to shallow it out… you can just “turn and burn” because you no longer have to manipulate the club with the small muscles of your body.

Here’s how it works:


First, we use the Natural Positioning Move to find your Natural Wrist Position, which ensures your clubface is square or very slightly closed at impact and practically forces your hands ahead of the ball at the same time.

You see, every player has their own, slightly unique Natural Wrist Position based on flexibility, range of motion, and personal preference for what “just feels right.”

Want proof? Check out the pros…

Here are two of the best ball strikers on the planet demonstrating their unique -- and wildly different -- Natural Wrist Positions at impact. You need to know YOURS.

Some bow their lead wrist a crazy amount at impact, just like you see on the left.

On the other end of the spectrum, some have a flat or even very, very slightly cupped lead wrist, like you’ll notice on the right.

The point is… The pros know their Natural Wrist Position.

And now you’ll know YOURS because I created a 3-step process to uncover it in minutes.

Here’s what Kirk from Texas had to say about it…

“When you do this correctly it is a great feeling… I hit one with the new approach and the sound and result made the people next to me ask what I was doing. Impressive!”



Now that you’ve nailed your Natural Wrist Position and are enjoying clean contact swing after swing… and watching that ball fly straight or even getting it to move a little left…

…it’s time to make your entire swing feel so much easier. Natural. Automatic even.

We turn back to the Natural Positioning Move again, this time finding your Natural Elbow Position to automate things, like it did for Ian from Western Australia:

Now, if you’ve ever paid attention to what happens to the right elbow in the downswing for most recreational players…

…you’ve undoubtedly noticed what I call “The Flapping Elbow.”

See how in the image below, his elbow is pointing back behind him? This “Flapping Elbow” steepens the club shaft.

Here's the typical amateur position, with the elbow pointing backwards leading to a steep club shaft.

Instead, you want the elbow “Tucked In" like you see here...

Here's what happens when you find YOUR Natural Elbow Position. You get that "tucked in" look you see with the pros on TV.

…with this improved swing, where it points down toward the ground at this point in the swing, with the elbow leading the hands, not following behind.

And when you pull this off, you get that club shallowed out…

…so that the forces in the golf swing work for you instead of against you.

You no longer have to manipulate the club and rely on precise timing and perfect hand-eye coordination to square up the face.

In other words, YOU’RE WAY MORE CONSISTENT while also adding speed and distance effortlessly!

The problem is… it can feel super awkward trying to get that elbow tucked in. Depending on your range of motion, it may even be uncomfortable or seem impossible.

Not anymore.

You see, there’s a way to get your elbow in the right spot without even thinking about it or feeling like you’re contorting yourself.

Simply use the Natural Positioning Move!

And just like when finding your Natural Wrist Position, you walk through a super simple process to reveal your Natural Elbow Position.

Again, it’s a little unique for each individual golfer. But when you put in the 2 minutes to find it…

…you’re golfing life changes forever… because your swing will look and feel radically better, reviving the athlete in you and having you bursting with confidence!

Last, now that you know your Natural Elbow and Wrist Positions…


All you have to do is step up to the ball and eliminate all swing thoughts…
…except to make the Natural Positioning Move in the downswing.

That’s it. 

As Neal from Colorado said:

"This was by far the best shallowing/draw instruction I have ever seen.

The point the elbows part was one I have never seen which let me feel how to shallow without thinking."

Neal C.

That’s right… No more freezing over the ball… or suffering from “analysis paralysis”… or trying to remember that one thing that worked a couple of holes ago… or picking which of the 10 “feels” you need to focus on each swing.

Nope. We boiled it all down to one move that feels totally natural and gets you in all the right positions.

Just imagine walking out to the range or course tomorrow… standing over the ball with one single swing thought… and hitting pure shot after pure shot with a natural, effortless motion.

Don’t Forget to “Let the Big Dog Eat”

Plus – just in case you’ve been wondering – yeah, the Natural Positioning Move works with the big stick, too, as Mike from Arizona can attest…

"Clay … I am using this system for driving and works great adding accuracy and 10 extra yards."

Mike B.

OK, by now, you see how and why the Natural Positioning Move is so effective at getting you to naturally shallow the club on every swing and hit the most solid shots of your life during your very next round.

And you understand what makes it so powerful for fixing your steep swing so you can consistently make crisp, clean contact on the center of the face, swing after swing.

And that’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you with a unique product called the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix.

So what’s the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix all about?

Well, it’s a brand new online instructional course based entirely on the Natural Positioning Move…

…that makes shallowing the club and hitting the most solid, powerful shots of your life easier, faster, and more natural than anything you’ve ever tried.

The first thing you get is the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix Video Series which are online videos streaming on all your devices so you master the Natural Positioning Move no matter where you are. 

This means you easily shallow the club on every swing and consistently hit the most solid shots of your life, just like Nick Oldfield from the UK…

"I have practiced this new drill on the range and I have to say I hit the ball better yesterday than I ever have in the last 40 years."

Nick O.

Personal records are about to be broken since you’re no longer searching for “it.” Just ask Rob from North Carolina:

“I am 67. I am a 5 handicap from the old man’s tees at my home course, and I typically hit a fade or slice. I tend to stand and hit weak shots. My best two rounds ever were both 74. I completed your shallowing of the club instructions on our driving range… I played my first round since doing these drills. I hit the ball way more solid… I hit the ball further, straighter and some with a draw which I have never been able to do. I had seven birdies, three bogies and shot a [personal best] 68.”


And here’s John, also from North Carolina who’s on that “golfer’s high” where you simply can’t wait for your next chance to dial it in further and finally enjoy membership in the exclusive “club” of good golfers everyone at the course knows by name.

“Have spent 5 years with more golf tips, ideas, and crap bouncing in my head as I struggle with this game, and my inconsistent golf ball striking. I followed you step by step in this video. It was a ‘holy crap, that is how it used to feel’ experience. I am damn near giddy. I cannot wait to get to the range later this morning. Yeah baby!”


The second thing you get is the “60 Seconds to Shallowing” quick reference videos that summarize the full length videos above into nothing but the few steps required to perform the Natural Positioning Move drills.

These save you time when you don’t have any to spare.

For instance, when you’re in your car or the locker room just before a round, in the middle of your range session, or even sneaking off to the restroom between holes…

Simply pull out your phone, click the play button, and in 1 short minute, pull up the perfect drill summary video and be brought back to the exact steps – and “feels” – you need for shallowing the club on command.

The third thing you get is called “Coach Clay in Your Ear,” a series of audio recordings like I’m right there with you, keeping you in the best frame of mind to progress with the Natural Positioning Move, free of any roadblocks.

I keep you moving forward, so you don’t sabotage your progress, instead achieving “The Ultimate” in ball striking faster than you ever thought possible. Just like it’s doing for Perry from Florida…

“Clay, I put your video into action yesterday and am still smiling! I was doing all the wrong things you discussed and this video made everything easier. Especially the front hip and forward shaft lean… I’ve been struggling getting my game correct after 52 years of my homemade swing and this video gave me a straightforward and effective way to get straightened out and simplify the fundamentals to get me back on track. I hit the best 7 irons I’ve hit in the past 25 years. Thanks and keep up the great work.”


The fourth thing you get is your “Perfect Practice Plan Workbook,” which is a printable PDF showing you the exact drills to complete and easily allowing you to track your Natural Positioning Move improvement…

…as well as all of your “Aha!” moments and notes for future reference.

But what happens AFTER you’ve learned to consistently shallow the club?

At this point, you’ll be hitting your best approach shots in years, maybe ever.

And while you’ll also enjoy straighter tee shots that go farther on average – because you’ll be hitting the sweet spot more often…

You’ve only begun to tap into your potential distance gains with the big stick. I can promise you that you’ve got some easy yards left to unlock.

And then longer distances – with both your driver and your irons – will mean more partial wedge shots and chip shots into greens… which mean more birdies! But only IF…

…you also have a system for dialing in those wedges, eliminating hole-destroying chunks and skulls around the greens…

…and of course, routinely draining those putts that turn 5s into 4s and 4s into 3s.

Now, that’s a lot to work on.

And I have a lot of courses just like the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix, each designed to help with a specific problem. I have a ton of material on cranking up driving distance… getting out of bunkers… chipping… putting… and on and on… 

You could collect each one individually (my team would love that!) and fix each challenge as it pops up.
But there is a better option…

I put all my best trainings and techniques together in one convenient place, so you can find a fix whenever you need one.

I call it my All Access Membership, and when you join you’ll be able to quickly find the best instruction to deal with any swing problems you have right now… instead of scrolling around the internet for hours.

Whether it’s an issue like constantly mishitting your irons, fixing that new slice you’ve developed, or dealing with the yips, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put everything together in one place where you’ll quickly find exactly what you need to consistently improve your game.

Members absolutely love it! They stick around for years on average, as their game gets better and better… and they can’t imagine going out to play a round without it.

So why am I talking about my All Access Membership when we’re here to talk about shallowing?

Remember up top when I mentioned you can get the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix for free?

Here’s the deal…

I really want to help more golfers with the incredible resources inside my All Access Membership.

So, as I sat around with my partners brainstorming ways to get more people to give it a try, an idea popped into my head…

What if I gave away one of my top courses for simply trying the All Access Membership?

So that’s what I’m doing today…

In exchange for you giving the All Access Membership a sincere try…

I’m willing to gift you the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix!

And to make it even more fair…

You’ve got a full year to try out the All Access Membership, and if you tell me – even on day 364 – “Clay, I gave All Access an honest try, and it just wasn’t for me”…

Not only will I give you back every penny you paid for your membership…

But I’ll also let you keep the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix forever… as my gift to you just for giving All Access a sincere try. 

That’s right – even though the regular price for the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix is $200 and I’ve already sold thousands to other golfers worldwide – I’m gifting it to you for free.

I know that may seem a little strange, giving away one of my best-selling programs…

But the reality is, I don’t just want to help you with ONE aspect of your game… I want to help you consistently play your BEST game, each and every round.

I’m confident the All Access Membership can get you there, which is why I wanted to create a special offer that makes joining a total win-win.

I know there are a hundred different golf instructors trying to convince you they’re the best ones to work with…

I want to put all my cards out there and let you decide for yourself in the fairest way possible.

If you already know you’re in and that the All Access Membership is what you’ve been looking for, then click the button below to get started.

And if you want to learn more about everything you get with the All Access Membership, read on to get ALL the details…

It all starts with a solid foundation

When you join my All Access Membership, you’ll get instant access to the Top Speed Golf System. This is really the core of what I teach.

Years ago I decided to “crack the code” and really dive deep into what goes into the best, most consistent golf swings. 

So, I took the last 50 major winners and 5 of the top all-time swings (Snead, Nicklaus, Hogan, Palmer, and Nelson), and analyzed all kinds of data on them.

Here's a screenshot of the actual spreadsheet where I first uncovered the 5 REAL Fundamentals of the Top Speed Golf System. 

And, after scrutinizing the swings of hundreds of pros, frame by frame, and comparing them to swings of over 3,000 amateurs I coached over a three year period, I realized something that completely changed the way I thought about the golf swing…

There are exactly 5 pieces of the swing that every single great golfer does nearly identically.

And there are no great golfers that lack any of these 5 moves.

So… if you want to play great golf… you simply MUST do these 5 REAL FUNDAMENTALS in your swing.

In fact, these REAL Fundamentals produce the vast majority of your swing results – roughly 95% – which is why I built the entire Top Speed Golf System around them.

Here’s the thing, most of the time when you go to get a golf lesson, coaches are simply regurgitating what they’ve heard is “correct” and “works” for most golfers, but they aren’t taking the time to do this kind of analysis or gather their own data.

That’s what truly separates the Top Speed Golf System from everything else out there.

Think of it this way…

Most swing coaching is like owning a racecar and trying to make it go faster by polishing the paint.

Sure, it might look good but it doesn’t actually deliver results.

Instead, the Top Speed Golf System is like going out and finding the fastest, most powerful engine you can and dropping it in your car for a huge increase in performance.

No fluff at all, just pure results.

Make sense?

When you join today, you can get a rate of just $149 per year! 

I recently increased the regular price by 94% because I kept adding more content and more features. But, when you join right now, you’ll lock in the grandfathered rate of only $149 per year, forever.

No matter how much the price increases in the future, your rate will stay the same.

Here’s what you get when you join my All Access Membership:

  • My on-demand library of 18 video courses (with more courses coming!) so you’ll always have the exact info you need.
  • Exclusive access to the 20 Minute Distance Fix course – this course provides my proven method for increasing your distance fast.
  • New content uploaded weekly to the “Vault” so you’ve always got the most cutting-edge golf instruction and theory available.
  • Daily Office Hours where a Top Speed Golf Certified Instructor is standing by to answer your questions… LIVE!

Check out these results…

"As I mentioned, it’s a system. Since starting TSG I’ve parred the Par 3 course I play. I had not done that in about 20 years. I got into the league championship playoffs, which I’ve never done before. I’m hitting 1 1/2 to 2 clubs less than I used to. I’ve hit several wood shots 20-30 yards further than I ever have before. I need more work, but the results are great so far.
I’m also more able to see what’s going wrong if I record my swing. TSG has taught me what to look for."

John McGinley

"My game has improved a lot since signing up for Top Speed Golf. I’ve paid for my subscription many times over by winning club events, KP’s, etc. from my playing partners."

G. Kearney

"I've won our Club Championship 8 times and when I play with people at the club they ask me who I "work with”. I tell them I don't personally know my instructor and then tell them about Top Speed Golf and how long I’ve used Clay’s trainings. I've gotten many people to sign up and we compare notes as they progress. We can speak the same language when talking about the swing."

Dan Y.

Want immediate results within your first week?

Here's the thing...

If you want results “yesterday”… you’ll want to jump right into The Opening Drive… which some folks have even referred to as “The One Week Miracle.” 

Now, I’m not personally going to go so far as to call it a “miracle” because it’s really nothing more than applying some simple techniques I uncovered through rigorous research and testing to the highest leverage areas of your game.

BUT the immediate results you’ll enjoy in this first week when applying one simple tweak at a time…

…may just leave your buddies feeling like you can now achieve the impossible!

Here’s what you can look forward to…


You’re going to add 15.6 yards to your best drives in only 20 minutes. My proven 20 Minute Distance Fix will help you achieve immediate results where every golfer wants it… off the tee box. 

There aren’t many feelings that can top hammering a drive right down the middle of the fairway in front of your usual foursome.


Now that you’ll be closer to the hole after your booming tee shots…

It would be a shame to blow those great short iron opportunities with thin, chunked, or wild shots. This is where the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix comes in. 

You’ll be hitting the most solid shots of your life and flag hunting after only one practice session!


It’s time to eliminate your fear of chunked or thinned chips and pitches forever.

After going through the 20 Minute Distance and Shallowing Fix videos, you’ll be on and around practically every green in regulation. 

But you already know there’s nothing more frustrating than to just miss a green and then ruin an easy par or birdie opportunity by chunking or thinning your pitch.

Well, actually there might be… skulling one across the entire green is pretty brutal too!

Either way, after this quick lesson you’ll never fear this happening again.


Now that we’ve got your swing and short game dialed in, I’m going to teach you how to shave up to an additional five strokes (or more) off your next round… without one second of practice.

It’s all based on insights from the millions of shots tracked by the PGA Tour the past 20 years or so. I’ve worked with some of the sharpest minds in golf to simplify and share this with you. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this lesson.

As you can see, The Opening Drive contains everything you need to get started and make rapid improvements in the most important areas of your game within the first week of becoming an All-Access member…

In just one week you’ll notice dramatic improvements…

You’ll have a solid plan for resolving some of the biggest roadblocks that keep you from playing the game like you want to play it.

And once you’ve made it through The Opening Drive (and experienced how quickly you can get results when you learn the proven, proper methods I’ve discovered over my last decade of research)… 

You could literally stop working on your game and be very happy playing golf at this new level for the rest of your life…

…But I don’t think you’ll want to :-)

Heck, Tiger won the Masters in record-breaking fashion… and then completely revamped his swing because he wanted to be even better.

I suspect you’re a driven individual as well, and I’ve got just the thing for you after “graduating” from The Opening Drive

…That’s where the Top Speed Golf System comes in.

In this powerful, tested system, I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned down to five fundamental areas of focus that will help you dial in your game even further.

I like to keep it as simple as possible. Out of everything you could work on… the millions of YouTube videos, the hundreds of hacks and swings aids and tricks…

These fundamentals are the 5% of techniques that will get you 95% of your results:

  • Having a “Stable and Fluid Spine” to lessen those costly mishits

To get more consistent you’ve got to learn how to stabilize your spine. If there’s one thing that causes MOST of the problems in a swing, it’s instability in your spine.

If you’re tired of chunking, thinning, slicing, hooking, topping, and everything else that gets you so mad you want to throw your clubs in the nearest body of water…

This is where I recommend you start out.

The Stable & Fluid Spine is the #1 fundamental to your golf consistency.

“Your clearly stated explanation of the stable fluid spine has done wonders for my golf swing. I’m now much more aware of my spine angle at address and throughout the swing… These fundamentals have become the bedrock of my swing and I am pretty confident that I can keep things together by mastering them.”

Larry T.

  • Developing a “Power Turn” to add extra distance

Honestly, you may not need this course after you finish the 20 Minute Distance Fix piece of The Opening Drive mentioned above. 

You should already have found tweaks to turn your shoulders more in the backswing and added 15-20 yards in a hurry.

But if you still feel like your rotation is holding you back, you’ll get way more details, tips, and tricks on developing a true “Power Turn” in this quick course.

Most of our members can increase their drives by 5 to 25 yards overnight with this one training!

Whether you believe you already have good rotation (or you wish you did), the raw power you discover lying dormant in your swing by using the Power Turn will completely shock you.

And if you’ve struggled with turning enough, or feel tight when you swing, you might be surprised to know that there’s one specific technique that unlocks your turn and frees up your swing.

I’ll show you this exact move in the Power Turn section.

“Wow, what a difference it makes. I saw myself on video and my backswing is smoother and my left shoulder continues to turn to the top. Previously my left shoulder stopped 3/4 of the way, and I would lift the club to complete my turn. Now I have a smooth and complete shoulder turn.”

Juan O.

  • Creating “Top Speed Lag” to pick up as much as 50 yards

Many of our members refer to this as the “Holy Grail” of the golf swing.

Creating proper lag is something that unfortunately evades most golfers their entire career…

But not you… you’ll be joining members who’ve added crazy lag to pick up as much as 50 yards!

“Top Speed Lag showed me how to correctly create lag and get better contact which greatly improved my confidence and made swinging the club a whole lot more fun.”

John Lisak

  • Nailing the “Compression Line” to repeatedly hit pure shots

Have you ever noticed how the pros always take perfect divots with every single shot?

Maybe you’ve wondered “How do they do that?” And when you’ve tried to do it, there’s more of a “chunk” than anything else…

The secret to blasting crisp shots is compression. To experience it, you’ve got to nail your impact alignments, or what I call the “Compression Line.”

And I’ll show you how to do it in this training.

“I’m working on the ‘compression line’ drills. Took it to the range for the first time and the results were amazing! I never hit so many quality shots in my life! I still hit some ugly ones, but I would go back and do a few reps of the drill and I was right back on track. I can see that the more reps I do the fewer ugly ones I hit and the good ones become more frequent.”


  • Developing a “Straight-Line Release” to sync your swing with your body, just like the pros

Last but not least, the big finish…

The Straight-Line Release not only ensures you deliver all the pent-up energy from your newfound lag, but it forces you to get your entire body synced up for pro-like timing and forward shaft lean!

This is the real “icing on the cake” that will have you hitting the purest shots of your life, just like these Top Speed Golf students did:

“I watched the Straight Line Release videos and went to the range. I put another ball 4 feet in front as you described….et voila ! It was amazing! I have never been a guy that took a divot unless it was an over the top chop. With the SLR I am now taking a small divot.”

Harvey M.

"Increasing lag and learning how to execute the straight line release has clearly improved my ball striking and distance."

Francis N.

Once you optimize these five areas, you’ll have a completely new swing to work with…

But this is only a small sampling of what you get when you become an All Access Member

I designed this membership to answer every question and concern you might have now or in the future, and I’m consistently updating the material to the latest and greatest.

All of the instruction is intentionally in one place, and it’s coming from one instructor (me).

The main reason for this is consistency.

I didn’t want this to be another golfing site with multiple instructors teaching a lot of different techniques with all kinds of different styles.

That leads to conflicting information… which is a quick path to frustration and feeling stuck.

I want everyone who loves the game to play their best game. And I think I’ve created the tool to help you achieve that with my All Access Membership. Here’s what you get when you join today:

More Than 18 Video Courses
(and counting!)

The 20 Minute Distance Fix

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll get your first taste of this course in The Opening Drive, where you’ll complete just the first video in the 20 Minute Distance Fix.

Our pilot group – made up of 81 golfers aged 36-81 – demonstrated how that single video adds an average of 15.6 yards to players’ best drives.

But when those students completed the entire 3-week course…

…they added an additional 18.9 yards for a total of 34.5 yards on average!

(And in case you are wondering… while all age groups added at least 30 yards… the golfers over 50 actually added more distance than the younger fellas!)

This course will teach you:

  • A drill used on the PGA Tour called the “Grip Ripper.” I guarantee you haven’t seen this anywhere but it provides big results.
  • The distance delusion that has spread like a virus, scaring players into swinging like the wimpy kid on a playground. (This one personally robbed me of 20-25 yards thwarting my efforts to make the Tour.)
  • The easiest way to unlock “cheats” if you’re not as flexible or as athletic as you once were. (Be prepared to regain that lost power in a hurry!)
  • Unique swing drills based on a scientific breakthrough called Neural Adaptation Practice, which almost magically improves your downswing sequencing (the key technique behind Pros hitting longer, straighter shots than anyone else in the world).
  • Plus so much more.

In just a few 20-minute practice sessions, you’ll strengthen your golf muscles and overcome any flexibility issues… without spending one minute in the gym.

Kevin Cameron

"I look forward to taking these gains, which could literally be up to 50 yards...out to the course."

Peter Voss. - Gilroy, CA

"I gained 19mph in one week...played Saturday and my drives were all finding the fairway...everyone in my group was amazed"

Mike M. - Florida

"I'm hitting all my clubs longer and straighter. Plus my handicap has improved by 4 strokes"

"Priceless. From the entire Top Speed Golf System, 20 Minute Distance Fix is all very helpful."

Maurice Belcourt

"20 Minute Distance Fix helped me gain amazing distance causing one of my friends to comment that as you get older you seem to be getting better."

John Lisak

The Wedge System

You’ve now got the swing and the distance so it’s time to go flagstick hunting…

Whether you’ve got to get up-and-down to save par from the bunker…

….or you’re facing a 50-yard approach on an easy par 5, you’ll have all the shots covered when you’re finished with this series.

You’ll learn:

  • The easiest way to unlock “cheats” if you’re not as flexible or as athletic as you once were. (Be prepared to regain that lost power in a hurry!)
  • How to pair a piece of tape with a cheap wrist watch to dial in your wedges (hint: the watch is NOT for timing and rhythm… though, you’ll get a simple verbal cue for that, too).
  • How to hit the magical 40-degree “ultimate grab” angle with a simple right palm hack.
  • Plus many more tips and tricks for hitting solid wedge shots.

Becoming confident with your wedges is the next step to your next best round, so you’ll definitely want to watch this training again and again.

I have played 2 rounds since watching this video and the improvement is huge. 50-70-90 yard shots go high and land soft. Just amazes me that by using this method how I just feel the swing.

Mike D.

These are awesome drills, hitting the pitch shots way more flush and accurate while eliminating any chunked shots.

Michael R.

Chipping Mastery

If there’s one training that really helps you save strokes, it’s this one.

Getting up and down is crucial for scoring or when you’re stuck scrambling to save par.

And the funny thing is, chipping should be easy. It shouldn’t be something that causes you constant frustration.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Chipping Mastery:

  • Step-by-step training to eliminate mis-hits around the green.
  • How to stop chunking and skulling the ball and, instead, hit the ball flush each and every time.
  • Why you’ve struggled with your short game (and how to quickly eliminate those costly mistakes).
  • How to approach short chips vs. long chips (this is easier than you think, it’s just a minor technique tweak).
  • Plus more information on mastering the art of chipping.

So, if you’ve struggled around the green, it’s time to find the relief you need with the simple instruction in this short game course.

"I’ve struggled with short chips. Played yesterday after reviewing your chipping videos. Sank two short ones the first time out, so thanks for the technique. It makes a lot of sense to me."

William D.

"Absolutely the best instruction videos I have seen, I have been watching golf videos for years by different instructors only to be confused by all the different ways of doing the same thing. Clay and TopSpeed Golf puts it all together and tries to make sure the student knows how and why to hit every shot."

Gary S.

Top Speed Golf Putting System

While advanced golf stats may show that putting isn’t as important as some of golf’s greats have led us to believe…

…it’s still a huge part of the game that you’ve got to work at in order to make your full swing work pay off.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this training:

  • The surprising way concrete mixes with your feet, knees, and belt buckle for more 1-putt greens (and no, you don’t need to buy any Quikrete).
  • What you’re way too focused on when putting (and how that’s costing you easy strokes).
  • Whether your choice of putting stroke – straight back and straight through, slightly arcing, or inside-out – has destined you to failure.
  • Plus everything else you need to know about savings strokes on the green.

As you can tell, this is the training to finally get your putting figured out and to quit wasting those amazing approach shots!

"I went out to play the other day and I kept track of my putting strokes. I am embarrassed to say that I had 45 putts, (10 three putts). So I decided to view your putting videos again. I realized that my grip was way off. Your technique using the “life line” really gives me more control without gripping too tightly. My old grip was NOT consistent at all. Using your advice is a lot more comfortable as well."


"Clay this works great! I was amazed at the improvement. I was hitting a group of 5 golf balls from 8 feet and I think the worst I did was holing 2 from 5 balls each time. My misses were all pretty close. I’m sold, it works!!!!!"

David H.

Never Hook Again

If you’ve had to deal with frustrating snap hooks, Never Hook Again will be your saving grace the next time you step up to the tee box. 

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • What’s creating your hook and exactly how to get it straightened out for good.
  • The secret behind eliminating the dreaded “snap hook” before your next tee time.
  • Why your swing defaults back to a hook over and over again (plus how to make sure this never happens again).
  • The simple steps to play a beautiful draw and not worry about another hook into the trees.
  • Plus everything else you need to know to eliminate your hook.

Don’t go another round trying to “play” your hook – fix it right now using my Never Hook Again training module.

"Thank you for these wonderful videos. My pull hooks show up frequently on the same holes, usually where I am trying to avoid trouble on the left or push the shot for more distance. It is very annoying!! I believe tension plays a role as I tend to get quick in the downswing activating the shoulders. After watching these videos I am going to focus more on the setup keys you talk about in addition to a more relaxed tempo."

Eric B.

"Clay, thank you so much for this series on pull hooking. I am a lifelong serial offender but for the first time after 30+ years of golf I think I am getting somewhere. Best money I’ve ever spent ???? You know I tried all that stuff with the box etc to stop coming over the top but to no avail. It wasn’t until I watched your focus on the tilt to the right at address (and stay tilted) that I started to find a cure. Thanks for all that you do. You really have a passion for this."

James P.

Never Slice Again

Have you been struggling with a weak slice that feels awful and robs you of huge distance?

If so, I’ve got the perfect solution for you inside this special training, Never Slice Again.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The specific drills that will help you permanently say “goodbye” to your frustrating slice.
  • How to gain distance with only a few simple tweaks to your current swing.
  • Why your ball fades (and costs you major distance).
  • How to increase impact and distance with a few quick drills.
  • Plus everything else you need to cure your slice.

When you follow the drills in this system, you can claim the distance and solid impact you’ve wanted by eliminating your slice and learn how to hit a powerful draw.

"Holy SHIZ! Wish you’d told me this years ago…This is exactly what is happening with my driver. Everything feels good but it slices. When I’m on I hit a pull cut, no joke. I’ll try this tomorrow at the range but it’s nice to know that even a great ball striker like yourself has the same issues us hacks have. As always Clay great stuff."

Rob H.

"Clay–this series of videos resulted in remarkable improvement in my impact, distance, trajectory. Really an improvement."

Carver W.

Stop Chunking & Topping

Picture this – You’ve just hit a beautiful drive and you’re lined up and ready for your next shot then…


If you’re like most golfers, you can vividly picture this happening.

Or how about this one…

You step up to the first tee box with all of your buddies around and it’s time to have a great round…


Ouch, there’s not much worse than starting your round by walking 25 yards after your first tee shot while everyone else drives off in their carts…

Inside this training you’ll find:

  • The real reason why the pros never chunk or top it (and how you can use this same technique).
  • A simple set of drills that will guarantee you consistently hit the ball pure.
  • Why chunking and topping might not be your fault (you just haven’t learned the proper corrections that work very quickly to fix these issues).
  • How to never again fear you’ll hit a ball fat or thin so you can pure your next shot with confidence.
  • Plus everything else you need to know about making sure you don’t chunk or top your next shot.

This series will work you through a step-by-step progression to eliminate the maddening thin and fat shots that seem to pop up out of nowhere and turn good holes into bad ones.

"Thank you for such AMAZING instruction! I have never hit the ball so purely. Since I’ve begun your program started to build a fundamentally sound swing."

Jason P.

"Thanks for that lesson, it’s made me a very happy golfer. From chunking my irons I’ve now gained yards! It’s made me realise how easy it is to slip into bad habits, you think you’re playing reasonably well, and then the problems occur. When I reviewed my swing I noticed almost a complete absence of weight shift which led to the fat shots. Simple remedy, practise the drill and boy did it work."

Bob M.

Your Best Golf After 50

How would you like to play your best golf after 50 years old?

Most people would tell you that it isn’t possible but I firmly disagree!

In this course you’ll find:

  • What’s really going on with your body and how you can use it to benefit your swing.
  • How to continuously improve your golf game as you continue to age.
  • Why aging might actually help your distance.
  • The truth about flexibility and how you can play great golf no matter how flexible you are.
  • Plus everything else you need to know about golf after 50.

Sure, your body and your swing have changed some but that shouldn’t stop you from constantly improving.

Your Best Golf After 50 will show you everything you need to know about continuing this great game and playing better than ever!

"When I first began playing I had no idea that golf is a lifetime sport. I am a retired teacher. I am 81yrs old and I am so thankful that I am able to play golf. I have had so many wonderful memories. I have had 5 holes in one and since I have become a member my handicap has been lowered. I also had the pleasure of winning the Senior tournament with a 78. I live in Canandaigua NY."

Tony L.

"My first instructor never even mentioned compression or hands in front of the ball at impact. He had me breaking 100 in a matter of months, but I never got any better than a 24 handicap. I was in my early 40s and fit as a fiddle. Now, I am 63 and feel like I can lower my handicap despite my diminished flexibility."

Jim Goodwin

Improve Faster Than Everyone

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the real secret behind rapidly improving your golf game?

That way you could blow past your friends and competition…

Well, in this training I’d like to teach you:

  • How to improve faster than anyone else (and why this is so important for golfers of all skill levels).
  • The science behind rapid improvement and how it can be applied to the game of golf
  • Tapping into your own unique learning style: how you can figure out exactly which training methods work best for you.
  • The truth behind the mental game of golf and why it’s so important you understand this before your next round.
  • Plus everything else you need to understand to rapidly improve your game.

Bottom line – There’s a secret science to improve faster than anyone you know that applies to golf and I want to share it with you.

"Clay, once again you have topped past performance in your instructional series. You have taken us all into the classroom setting where we put down the clubs for a moment and focus on the most important element of this cerebral game we call golf. Excellent!"

Steve W.

"These are another great series of videos to save extra time for improving my golf through practice in a very scientific way. I myself have wasted a lot of time by setting chaotic goals with unreasonably difficult shots for my level. Now I’ll work on practicing with specific and increasingly tough ones to make these shots move to the Comfortable zone."

Tatsuhiko M.

Stop Early Extension / Stop Standing Up in the Downswing

Do you ever feel like you’re coming out of your posture and standing up in your downswing? When this happens you experience what’s called “early extension” and it can really hamper your performance.

If you’ve experienced this, I want you to realize that you’re not alone. It’s something you can easily fix with the proper guidance.

Inside this training you’ll learn:

  • How to reach your true potential by staying in your posture and eliminating small, but costly, swing mistakes.
  • Why your posture is so important to stopping early extension.
  • The truth about “standing up” during your downswing and how it can drastically improve your scoring, once corrected.
  • The one thing I look for in every swing that almost instantly cures early extension.
  • Plus so much more information on fixing this costly posture mistake.

To reach your true potential, you’ve got to stay in your posture. This video series gives you the tools you need to overcome this once and for all!

"This video has finally given me the feel I seem to have been missing in my game for a long time. It might be worth my membership fee all by itself."

Jeff B.

"Best video and drill on the site, really helps you crush, compress and melt the golf ball staying in your posture and feeling that straight line extension and not sliding the hips at impact."

Dr. Michael C.

Golf Fitness

Did someone say fitness?

Don’t run away, I’m not going to make you run a marathon or anything.

I brought in fitness expert Joe Yoon and had him design a program specifically for golfers to improve the exact areas that are needed to make them perform better on the course.

Here’s what he shared in this training:

  • Why “generic fitness” isn’t necessarily the best option for golfers.
  • How to get the most out of your fitness routine (and make sure you aren’t just slogging away at another monotonous workout).
  • The best methods for you to increase flexibility and improve your swing with a few simple movements.
  • How to strengthen your back and improve your mobility to prevent aches and pains that sometimes happen during a round.
  • Plus everything else you need to know about “golf fitness” and how it can help you.

Best of all, Joe created a fitness program so you can do it in-home while watching TV… even drinking a beer!

"My bad back has disappeared and my fluid spine and turn has improved significantly. More stability and club head speed. This stuff is vital to improvement, so good on you for comprehensively covering the field. Thanks."

Ian B.

"Thanks so much for the flexibility exercises and all the great info and facts you provide.. you’re the best!!!! I’m an older golfer and need to stay flexible into my 80s and 90s…"

Alan M.

Mental Game

There’s one area that’s constantly overlooked and it’s the mental side of the game.

Have you ever let one bad hole ruin your round?

Have nerves gotten the better of you during a great round?

If you’re like me, the answer is “yes.”

Here’s what you’ll find inside this powerful training:

  • Why adjusting your mindset can drastically improve your swing and your scoring.
  • The sports psychology secrets the pros use to create a bulletproof mental game (which directly impacts their physical game!)
  • How to cure yourself of the “yips” when you experience them.
  • What to do when you can feel yourself mentally slipping during a great round (Sports Psychologist Dr. Leffingwell shares a quick fix inside this training).
  • Plus all of the other important “mental game” tips and tricks you need to play your next round with confidence.

Now is the time to sharpen your mental game!

This course with Dr. Thad Leffingwell will get you in the right frame of mind to reach your true potential.

"FINALLY! I had asked about mental game videos for a while. They are hard to find on instructional sites, which tend to focus solely on swing mechanics. But actually there is an argument that can be made that mental instruction should be one of the first things taught, since it may apply (depending on what the mental lesson is about) to how you are going to work on any of the fundamentals of the Top Speed Golf System, or any other instruction."

Arnie E.

"Dr. Thad and Clay, thank you very much! I believe this is such a huge part of the game yet no one really ever teaches us or discusses what we need to be working on as far as mental goes. I learned this “6 threes” years ago but have gotten away from it. Thanks for the 5 resets, that is great stuff and I loved your last line “have fun and enjoy the game” actually a goal of mine this year is to enjoy it a lot more and not get as caught up in the score and what I need to be doing."

Robert H.

Indoor/Winter Series

There’s nothing worse than being cooped up in the wintertime staring at your golf clubs…

That’s why I created a complete off-season program for you. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The “off-season” routines that drastically improve your “in-season” game (I’ll give you everything you need inside this training).
  • How to use your indoor training session to keep your game fresh and ready for the next season.
  • The simple methods for turning your off-season into a time for improvement and growth (you’ll come out of this time better than ever before!)
  • Which drills to perform when you’re stuck indoors (and which ones aren’t worth your time).
  • Plus everything else you need to dominate your off-season and guarantee you make improvements before you get back on the course.

When it comes to working on your golf game indoors, you can really see your game improve if you have the right information…or you can do some real damage to your game if you don’t.

Fortunately, this training gives you everything you need to make your next off-season a time of growth and progress.

"It’s winter here so I can’t really go out to a range but I have a net in my garage and a radar. I started the indoor winter series which I find very useful."


New Content Drops Every Week…

Once you complete the entire TSG System, dive deeper into any area of your game with The Vault.

You’ll enjoy new content weekly in these categories…

As you can see there is quite literally no area of golf that we don’t have information on…

We have over 1,056 videos in the vault, ready for you right now covering all aspects of the game.

You’ll find everything from drills to in-depth explanations for all areas of the game.

Plus, Get Your Questions Answered LIVE by One of My Certified Instructors

No All Access Member golfs alone…

… including me!

I want to let you in on a little secret right now – the very same instructor you’ll get to work with during our live Office Hours is the very first person I go to with any questions or concerns I have about my swing and my game, in general…

His name is Quentin “Q” Patterson and he has one of the sharpest golf minds I’ve met in my entire career.

Every weekday, Q is standing by to answer your questions… LIVE!

So, take a break from your day and join our Office Hours discussion to both improve your game and become more knowledgeable at the same time.

This one is an incredible value all on its own! TSG Instructors charge $100+/hr for in-person lessons. With Office Hours, you’re getting access to an hour of their advice every weekday. Over a year’s time, that’s over $20,000 worth of Instructors’ advice!

Here’s what All Access Members are saying about Office Hours:

"Then I found Office Hours and this guy Q would answer my questions directly and clearly without stealing my wallet. It just kept getting better."

Dennis P.

"Clay Ballard is a great teacher. TSG is a great resource. Q and the Office Hour videos are super. The price is excellent, affordable, worth it. The teaching style and content can’t be beat."

William S.

"You seem to have a video that always answers my current question. If not, I find time to use Office Hours. I have never felt any of my questions have been left unanswered."

Jim N.

You’ll also receive exclusive opportunities we don’t offer anywhere else

Though we’ve got over 700,000 total students on our contact list…

…our valued All Access Members always get the first shot when we announce (via email) new instructional opportunities, like in-person lessons and 2-day golf clinics.

There are also members-only discounts for a variety of items, from the Impact Snap training aid to our 2-day Distance Clinics ($500 savings!).

Heck some of our best products can only be purchased by All Access Members. For instance, we only let All Access Members join our one-of-a-kind instructor-led Ball Striking Masterclass.

Everything I’ve shown you is available whenever you want it, wherever you want to watch it

Create your own “playlist” and watch any video when you want, where you want.

I know you don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting at home, sifting through our videos. Do this instead…

  • Save your favorite videos into a playlist so you can quickly access them.
  • Watch any video as many times as you’d like 24/7 on-demand.
  • Play all our videos on practically any mobile device or tablet, wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Go through the course videos in order (recommended) or skip around if you’d prefer.

You aren’t just another customer to me… you are family

I strongly believe that you take care of those who take care of you.

And I know that…

…YOU are the reason I can make videos and create this site.

…YOU are the reason I can put food on the table and feel like I’m making a positive impact in this world.

…YOU are going to treat our team and the rest of your community with respect and courtesy, just like a family.

So, I’ll do all I can to take care of YOU and the whole family.

My goal isn’t to make a quick buck. My goal is to help you and do right by you so you can improve your golf game and thoroughly enjoy the time you spend on this site.

So, now you have a choice to make…

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I told you the All Access Membership has everything you need to become the best golfer you can!

Here’s a quick recap of everything you get when you join:

Clay Ballard Signature Training

Bought Separately

All Access Membership

The Complete Top Speed Golf System



The 20 Minute Shallowing Fix Course



The 20 Minute Distance Fix course



TSG Wedge System course



TSG Chipping Mastery course



TSG Putting System course



Never Hook Again course



Never Slice Again course



Stop Chunking & Topping course



Your Best Golf After 50 course



Improve Faster with Scientific Secrets course



Stop Early Extension / Stop Standing Up in the Downswing course



Golf Fitness course



Mental Game course



Weekly content added to the vault with over 1,056 videos currently available



Weekly LIVE Office Hours with a Top Speed Golf Certified Instructor



Which all adds up to over $7,000

Now, if you were to hire me to teach just one of these modules in person, I’d charge $5,000 or more. If we were to consider training together for an entire year… that number goes way, way up.

Even if you could learn all this with a local pro – and there’s not a single one who could teach this entire instructional library – just the hourly fee alone would set you back around $10,000.

Instead, I want to make you a special offer:

You can join my All Access Membership for just $149 per year!

Don’t forget, you have 365 days to decide if you want to renew your membership or we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked…

And you get to keep the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix forever, no matter what you decide!

Click the green button above to get the Annual All Access Membership for just $149 per year. The annual plan averages out to just $12.42/mth. Save 57% vs. monthly. 
Or click here for All Access Monthly at $29/mth*.

*For Monthly Membership, Shallowing training only available while you're an active member.

Basically I want to help as many people as possible to play their best game of golf ever.

So I put something together that I think is a great deal for just about any budget… you’ll get the same quality and caliber of instruction you’d get if we were working together one on one, but for a fraction of the price.

This is over 30% off of the normal price for an annual membership AND I’m giving you free access (forever) to my 20 Minute Shallowing Fix course.

But, once you exit this page, there’s a chance you won’t see this same offer again. (In fact, I’ve already got plans to change it soon.)

I don’t want you to miss out… so go ahead and click the button to claim this special one-time offer.

Try it out for a full year with my 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee

I stand behind my products here at Top Speed Golf.

In fact, I believe in them so strongly that I’m willing to take all the risk and leave you with none whatsoever.

Follow my Top Speed Golf System and I guarantee you’ll love it…

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It’s as simple as that.

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You can relax and enjoy this membership completely risk-free for a full year, which lets you focus on your golf game instead.

Click the green button above to get the Annual All Access Membership for just $149 per year. The annual plan averages out to just $12.42/mth. Save 57% vs. monthly. 
Or click here for All Access Monthly at $29/mth*.

*For Monthly Membership, Shallowing training only available while you're an active member.

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