Hitting High, Long Drives Just Got Easier with Hank Haney's Launch Deck

Great news! After seeing Hank Haney showing off The Launch Deck, I went out and got one for myself. After putting this thing through rigorous testing, I've decided I love it!

Your Next Step: Get The Launch Deck!

Get The Launch Deck and eliminate your slice--and naturally swing from the inside--without having to spend hours practicing!

The Launch Deck is the world's first training aid that fixes your swing path AND your angle of attack--at the same time.

You simply set the orange Swing Gates to correct an over-the-top or a too-far-inside path... and then just "swing through the gates!"

If you can swing without hitting the rubber pylons, you're getting the club moving in the right direction.

Then, if you can clear the Launch Hurdle in front of your tee, that means you're either swinging level or up on the ball.

The tee placements have been strategically calibrated to give you the "optimal angle of attack."

The instant feedback, portability, and simplicity of the Launch Deck are making it one of the most talked about training aids on the market today.

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