Because these sell out quickly, I can't guarantee that they'll be in stock for long! Get your Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder before they're GONE!

Is It Worth the Money? Watch Me Compare a $600 Range Finder to a $149 $139 One

Your Next Step: Get the Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder!

These have been sold out for MONTHS, mainly because they're just as good as a $600 rangefinder--but cost $450 LESS. The good news is these are back in stock for a limited time!

So if you're in the market for a new rangefinder and you pick one of these up through the link below, you will...

  • Get pinpoint accuracy every time you shoot a yardage, so you can pick your club and swing with confidence.
  • Grab your laser and go thanks to a heavy-duty magnet that keeps it attached to any metal on your cart, even while you’re driving through bumpy terrain (this is a feature only expensive rangefinders usually have).
  • Enjoy a lightning-fast yardage reading, so you never lose a second to faulty tech.
  • See your target through a crystal-clear scope, so you know the yardage is right.
  • Power it up with a quick battery change, instead of plugging it in and waiting for hours.
  • Love the performance of a rangefinder with the three absolute must-haves of a great laser: accuracy, speed and battery life.
  • Be confident the laser hits the pin every time, thanks to its target-lock vibration function.
  • Rest assured its full-rubber, anti-slip rugged frame will keep your laser working in any course conditions.
  • Turn slope on for an adjusted yardage or turn it off for tournament play.
  • Laser any target up to 700 yards away, so you’ll never be left guessing which club to hit.
  • Revel in the satisfaction of knowing every time you pick it up you got all the bells and whistles AT THE BEST PRICE.

The Shot Scope Pro L2 blows away any other rangefinder I’ve ever tested in this price range. I know these usually fly off the shelves, as they’ve been out of stock for months, that’s why I had to convince Shot Scope to set aside a limited number for Top Speed Golf subscribers only (that’s you!).

I can't guarantee these will be in stock when you read this, but I can guarantee this is the best rangefinder for the price.

Click the link below and get yours while supplies last!

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