Is the Precision Impact Right for You?

Watch the video below to see my unbiased review

(I know, this is a long video. I couldn't help myself because there are so many ways to use the Precision Impact to improve your swing. Don't worry, if you decide to purchase one, I'll send the video to you so you can watch it and follow along with my instructions and drills.)

"I Love This Training Aid..."

I test a lot of training aids.

A lot.

And most end up in a pile in my garage.

There are not many I think are worth your time, and I won't promote something just to make a buck.

The Precision Impact is different. It helps with weight shift... it helps with lag... it helps you stay in your posture... it helps open your hips... and so much more.

Practice with the Precision Impact and "Trick" Your Body into the Optimal Impact Position

It's great for players who tend to stand up out of their posture and flip their hands at impact.

The PRECISION IMPACT literally forces the ideal club head position at impact. It will also accelerate the learning process for the entire swing….

  • Proper wrist set (audible feedback)
  • Correct backswing rotation lag (Critical)
  • Aggressive rotation through impact
  • High, balanced finish
I am already starting to see results in my short game and my long irons. It's allowing to get my arms in position as I come through the ball and it's allowing me to improve my consistency and my accuracy.

Bill M. | 22 Handicap

Eliminates fat shots, thin shots, "scooping" and "flipping"

  • Tremendous auditory feedback telling you when you are hinging your hands in the backswing.
  • Forces the proper use of the lower body in order to create perfect impact.
  • Works with every club and every type of swing
  • Learn multiple short game shots by understanding hand action and shaft lean for trajectory control.
  • Helps pre-set your wrist angles and helps eliminate excess hand action in putting.
  • Makes your practice time more effective –improves your swing indoors or out.
This device helps me feel that impact position and the proper setting of the wrists at the top. It holds me into the proper position instead of allowing me to flip it or cast it as I have in the past. It's a great product...I would highly recommend it.

David B. | 12 Handicap

...And I'm Not The Only One Who Loves it! 

The Precision Impact is endorsed by former CBS Sports Golf Analyst and renowned swing instructor Peter Kostis who has only endorsed a few products during his 40-year career. I can see why it was an easy decision for him to get behind this product.

PLUS… Purchase the Precision Impact trainer today and you’ll also get:

Free Bonus Course:

"Secrets to Creating Lag"

Golf’s Power Move Is Easier than You Think

Do you know how to create lag by moving your body up through impact? Are you familiar with the “arrow drill,” which trains your trail hand to increase your swing speed?

Watch the “Secrets to Creating Lag” video and you’ll learn these things and much more, including:

  • How to keep your hips moving through impact without getting “stuck”
  • The “feed forward” practice method, which will hone your new moves so they become automatic
  • How to keep your swing from creating too much lag (yes, there is such a thing)
  • Tips for fixing a steep downswing (the cause of slices and other awful miss-hits)
  • How to increase your wrist angle on the downswing for maximum power

Pair my “Secrets to Creating Lag” with the Precision Impact trainer and you’ll soon be outdriving your peers and stinging your irons like a pro.  Get "Secrets to Creating Lag" for FREE when you try a Precision Impact on this page today.

Plus, order today and get my discount...

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"It's not a device that takes a lot of manipulation and time to reset every time you swing. It gives you a lot of great feedback. I saw a consistent impact and delivery when I was using the Precision Impact."

Tom K. | 12 Handicap

I've gotten much better at hitting chip shots and getting more accuracy and the distance I want. This has really helped to keep the club moving forward.

Larry B. | 13 Handicap

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