Get Instant, Accurate Swing Speed Readings -- Indoors or Out -- with the Unbelievably Affordable PRGR Black Launch Monitor!

Hey, it's Clay here again...

And I finally found the absolute perfect swing speed device to recommend for getting maximum gains from the 20 Minute Distance Fix course.

The PRGR Black Launch Monitor...

  • Tracks your swing speed improvement just as accurately as MUCH more expensive devices
  • Can be used for both the indoor and outdoor drills in my 20 Minute Distance Fix course
  • It ain't sexy looking (but after using it... your drives will be!!!)

Let's start by comparing the PRGR's accuracy to my expensive launch monitors...

You see, I've tested a lot of launch monitors... Everything from $100 launch monitors all the way up to my $18,000 launch monitors.

And I've got some good news for you... 

You don't need to shell out thousands of dollars of your hard-earned cash to track your swing speed super accurately. 

After all my testing, I discovered that the PRGR Black Launch Monitor measures your swing speed just as well as my two $15,000+ monitors!

So I highly recommend the PRGR Black Launch Monitor to track your swing speed progress as you practice the drills in the 20 Minute Distance Fix course.

It fits in the palm of your hands... you can easily store it in your bag... and it'll give you instant feedback on your swing.

PRGR Black Launch Monitor

Most importantly, you can track your speed accurately with -- or without -- hitting a ball!

This means you can train for speed and distance inside or out. In good weather or trapped at home during a blizzard :-)

You see, in each week of the 20 Minute Distance Fix...

…you'll need to complete both outdoor and indoor practice sessions.

And in the past... some portable launch monitors used to require a ball for swing speed measurements... That means you could be stuck buying multiple devices, which cost almost $400 combined.

Not anymore!

That's right. All you need now is the PRGR. It'll slash your cost while helping you slash your handicap with longer drives and shorter irons into greens!

Oh, yeah... And it's fun.

Bring your PRGR Black Launch Monitor to the range and celebrate every time you break your swing speed record!

And anyone who can afford to play golf can afford the PRGR...

High-end launch monitors such as the Trackman you see on TV all the time can set you back well over $15,000 (that’s not a typo!).

Now, the Trackman's an incredible launch monitor, but it’s simply not worth your hard-earned cash unless you’re a teaching professional, a top pro, or you’re just tripping over yourself to spend tons of money.

For the 99.9% of recreational golfers, I strongly recommend the PRGR Black Launch Monitor.

Your swing speed measurements with the PRGR Black Launch Monitor will be within about 1.5% of the results that you'd get with a $15,000+ launch monitor... for about 1.5% of the price!

Yep... I can get you the PRGR for only $229.99 and it includes free shipping to the U.S. (International shipping rates may apply).

So here's the bottom line...

  • If you already have a launch monitor that you can use indoors and outdoors, you'll be fine. There's no need to get this one.
  • If you don't have a measuring device or can't use it inside... THE PRGR BLACK LAUNCH MONITOR IS MY TOP PICK FOR THE 20 MINUTE DISTANCE FIX!

PRGR Black vs PRGR Red: You may see a PRGR Red model. That's an older model and it's NOT as good as the PRGR Black model. Stick with the PRGR Black because it has an updated radar that's more accurate.

Where to get your very own PRGR Black Launch Monitor...

Click the big button below to visit our partner's site to find out more and purchase it. Just to be upfront... I'll earn a percentage on any purchases you make. That'll help us keep making more great content for you!

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