Is This The BEST Golf GPS Watch On The Market?

Here's how the Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch WILL Make you a better golfer...

  • Accurately measures distances to flags, hazards, front back and middle of the green
  • Easily adjust the flag location for precise distances
  • Tracks your distance for every club in your bag (so no more guessing how far you hit that 6-iron)
  • Post round analysis: Fairways Hit, GIR, Calculate your strokes gained for all aspects of your round
  • Contains over 36,000 courses
  • Ability to add courses - Shot Scope promises to update and map the course within 5 days
  • Measure your steps/distance traveled for the round
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!! No paywalls to unlock all of the features! Woo Hoo!

Accurate within 3 yards or less when measured vs a laser

The Shot Scope X5 shines with its post-round analysis

Shot Scope includes sensors for each club to track your distances!

  • Insanely in-depth stats for your round
  • App with the ability to look at every shot from your round (easily editable if something is off)
  • Know your accuracy with each club in your bag (are you hitting or missing greens with certain clubs, missing left or right, etc.)
  • Modeled to track your performance over time
  • Compare yourself vs different handicap ranges (including tour pros)

Set goals, figure out what's working...
And what's NOT

Now you can improve in the most efficient way possible by tracking your personal strokes gained metrics. So you'll know which clubs you need to practice the most to shave strokes FAST!

This will LEGIT make you a better golfer!

In addition to all of these features, Shot Scope has promised a future update with full green maps (I can't wait for this!)

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