See What the "One Week Miracle" Can Do for Your Game

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Here’s Everything You’re
Getting With The Opening Drive
(a.k.a. "The One Week Miracle")

Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership

Value: $400

4 Quick Wins Inside

There are only a handful of places where recreational golfers lose LOTS of strokes that can also be fixed lightning fast. That’s what you’ll find here in your first All Access Membership course.

I hand selected these videos from various courses and created one series that guarantees you BIG, QUICK WINS fast (like “before-your-next-round fast”)! It’s as simple as this:

  • Add 15.6 Yards in Only 20 Minutes!
  • Shallow the Club & Hit the Most Solid Shots of Your Life in a Single Practice Session!
  • Eliminate Chunked & Thinned Chips and Pitches
  • Drop up to 5 Strokes (Without Even One Second of Practice)

The Opening Drive is just the tip of the iceberg for your Top Speed Golf journey. 

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All Access Membership has to offer you...

Get Access to Everything... for Just $1

Start your 10-day trial of the Top Speed Golf System for just $1. If you like it, keep it, and be charged our super low annual rate of $77, which is 22% off of our regular price. 

This offer ends soon, so click the big green button below to get started!

"Never had golf instruction that was so clear...

Never bought anything in my life with more value."

~Paul B. | All Access Member

Put an End to Your Confusion, Frustration, and Overwhelm 

Whether you're struggling with making sense of random, inconsistent tips or trying to perfect every tiny detail in your swing...

...My Top Speed Golf System will free up your mind by focusing you on the only 5 true fundamentals that every single great swing in history has in common.

Spend all of your limited practice time working on the 5 fundamentals that provide 95% of your results. Stop wasting time and worrying with the details that just don't matter.

How do you know the Top Speed Golf 5 fundamentals are the most important?

I'll show you how all the top pros -- from Hogan to Nicklaus to Tiger to Rory and beyond -- perform all 5 of the Top Speed Golf System fundamentals... but they do everything else differently from one another.

If you want to play great golf, it's clear you MUST do the 5 fundamentals like all the best players. Let the other guys in your group focus on the minor details :-)

While your buddies continue to struggle, you'll be steadily improving, just like our other All Access Members...

These are the average results our All Access Members told us they experienced in their first 4-6 weeks using the Top Speed Golf System:

11.2 Yards Increase in Driving Distance!

More than a third of these students added 20+ yards!

1.8 Stroke Improvement in Handicap!

Nearly 25% said they dropped 5+ strokes per round!

But don't just take my word for it...

Member Stories

Shawn Fitchett - North Carolina

"I dropped my handicap by 5 points in 3 weeks!.... This course has changed my life."

Nick Martin - Bali

"If you're looking to improve your golf... Sign up, get in, and get your game back!"

Ed White - Kansas City, Missouri

"I'm making great ball contact. It's totally a new game, and it's great! I just love it."

Top Speed Golf has now been named to the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country!

And we all want to express our sincerest thanks to YOU for being part of the unexpected growth we've enjoyed the past few years.

Start Your Own Success Story with These Core Elements of the All Access Membership:

5 Step-by-Step Full Swing Courses

You'll learn the 5 fundamentals of the full swing System in a fun, easy-to-use course layout, completing the videos in order. All the videos are EXCLUSIVE to this website.

The Brand New 20 Minute Shallowing Fix

You’ll discover two, little known moves, that will allow you to instantly and effortlessly shallow the club in a single range session. All while hitting the most solid shots of your life the next time you play a round of golf!

The 20 Minute Distance Fix

You'll find the most researched, age and flexibility defying 3 week program that allows you to add serious distance with every club in your bag. Only available here!

3 Short Game and Putting Courses

While not as sexy as the long game, short game and putting work can shave strokes off your scores fast. Wedge play, chipping, and putting are all covered in detail.

10 BONUS Courses to Cure Your "Big Miss"

You'll get instant access to additional courses for fixing your typical "miss": Slicing, Hooking, Topping, Chunking, Early Extension and more!

You're Not Alone...

Office Hours...Get Your Most Pressing Golf Questions Answered LIVE... 5x a Week

Every weekday, a Top Speed Golf Certified Instructor is standing by to answer your questions... LIVE!

  • No more wondering if you're doing something incorrectly. Join our daily Office Hours, type in your question, and get your question answered LIVE by a Top Speed Golf Certified Instructor!
  • Get your daily dose of great instruction... Take a break from your day and join our Office Hours discussion and become more knowledgeable about the game we all love.
  • Insane value! Top Speed Golf Instructors charge $100+/hr for in-person lessons. With Office Hours, you're getting access to an hour of their advice every weekday. Over a year's time, that's over $30,000 worth of Instructor's advice!

Click the video below to see highlights from this week's Office Hours...


Build Your Swing for Optimal Consistency and Maximal Distance with the Entire Top Speed Golf System


Dial-in Your Consistency

Tired of chunking, thinning, slicing, hooking, topping, and everything else that gets you so mad you could chew through a rock?

If so, this is where you need to start. The Stable & Fluid Spine is the #1 fundamental to your golf consistency.


Boost Your Distance Fast

Most of our members can increase their drives by 5 to 25 yards overnight with this one course!

If you think you've maximized your rotation, expect to be surprised by the Power Turn course.


Add the "Holy Grail" into Your Golf Swing

For most golfers, lag feels like the Holy Grail, something you'll seek and never find.

Forget all that. You'll be joining members who have added crazy lag to pick up as much as 50 yards!


Blast Crisp, Compressed Shots

Have you ever wondered how the pros hit those crisp shots that "hiss" as they pierce the air?

It's all about compression. And to experience it... you've got to nail your impact alignments, or what I call the "Compression Line."


Sequence Your Swing for Forward Shaft Lean

The Straight-Line Release not only ensures you deliver all the pent-up energy from your newfound lag...

...But it forces you to get your entire body synced up for pro-like timing and forward shaft lean!

Drive The Ball 20-70 Yards Further Without Sacrificing Accuracy with the 20 Minute Distance Fix

Be The Big Hitter In Your Group

You’re about to do something different. This isn’t the story you have been told about distance

This course will teach you the secrets I have learned about distance over the past 15 years, 1000’s of lessons, and tons of yards gained!

20 Minute Distance Fix is the only golf swing training program guaranteed to add 20 to 70 yards to your drives -- with no loss in accuracy -- or your money back.

  • Experienced golfers over 55 years of age are shocked they're now "hitting the ball farther and straighter than in their 30's and 40's" and leaving "everybody in their group amazed."
  • The unique swing drills are based on a scientific breakthrough called Neural Adaptation Practice, which almost magically improves your downswing sequencing (the key technique behind pros hitting longer, straighter shots than anyone else in the world).
  • In just a few, 20-minute practice sessions, you'll strengthen your golf muscles and overcome any flexibility issues... without spending one minute in the gym.

Kevin Cameron

"I look forward to taking these gains, which could literally be up to 50 yards...out to the course."

Peter Voss. - Gilroy, CA

"I gained 19mph in one week...played Saturday and my drives were all finding the fairway...everyone in my group was amazed"

Mike M. - Florida

"I'm hitting all my clubs longer and straighter. Plus my handicap has improved by 4 strokes"

You can join...

Customers served! 100 Real Golfers Who Have Added 20+ Yards to Their Drives

Slash Scores off Your Handicap Fast with My Short Game and Putting Courses


Go Flagstick Hunting

Whether you've got to get up-and-down to save par from the bunker...

....or you're facing a 50-yard approach on an easy par 5, you'll have all the shots covered when you're finished with this series.


Get Up-and-Down with Ease

Chipping should be easy. If you struggle with chunks and skulls, you'll find relief with the simple instruction in this short game course.


Drain More Birdies & Avoid 3-Putts

While advanced golf stats may show that putting isn't as important as some of golf's greats have led us to believe...'s still a huge part of the game that you've got to work at in order to make your full swing work pay off.

Conquer Your "Big Miss," Improve Faster with Training Secrets, and More with these BONUS Courses


Hit the Most Solid Shots of Your Life

You’ll discover two, little known moves, that will allow you to instantly and effortlessly shallow the club. In a single range session. All while hitting the most solid shots of your life the next time you play a round of golf!


Destroy Your Scary Snap Hook

Though less common than slicing, if you suffer from hooks, you know just how scary this shot can be.

In this course, you'll discover what's creating your hook and apply the proper fixes to get it straightened out for good.


Eliminate the Dreaded "Banana Ball" Forever

Have you been struggling with a weak slice that feels awful and robs you of huge distance? If so, I’ve got the perfect solution for you…

When you follow the drills in this system, you can say goodbye to your slice and hit a powerful draw!


Free Yourself from the Frustration

Making solid contact with the ball before taking a nice, shallow divot is the name of the game.

This series will work you through a step-by-step progression to eliminate the maddening thin and fat shots that seem to pop up out of nowhere and turn good holes into bad ones.


Play Your Best Golf After 50!

How would you like to play your best golf after 50 years old? Most people would tell you that it isn't possible. I disagree!

In this course, you'll find out some unique changes that will help your distance and flexibility and get you hitting your best shots ever!


Improve Faster with Scientific Secrets

How would you like to know the secret science to improve faster than anyone you know?

You'll find out how your body learns to be great at golf, how to put it into action, and how to set up the best drills in the world to shoot your lowest score ever!


Stop Standing Up in the Shot

Losing your posture -- or early extension -- is one of the most common problems I see.

To reach your potential, you've got to stay in your posture, and this video series gives you the tools you need to overcome this once and for all!


Grab a Cold One and Get in Golf Shape!

This workout program was specifically designed by fitness expert Joe Yoon.

It's not generic golf fitness. Instead, Joe created it so you can do it in-home, while watching TV... even drinking a beer!


Win Even on Your "Off Days"

Have you ever let one bad hole ruin your round? Have nerves gotten the better of you during a great round? If you're like me, the answer is "yes."

Well, now it's time to sharpen your mental game! This course, with Sports Psychologist Dr. Thad Leffingwell, will get you in the right frame of mind to reach your true potential.


Boost your distance in any environment!

When it comes to working on your golf game indoors you can really see your game skyrocket if you have the right information...or you can do some real damage to your game if you don't.

The good news is that if you follow what I say, I can have you improving your contact...even if you can't hit a ball while you're practicing at home!

Never. Stop. Learning. Weekly Content in The Vault

Once you complete the entire Top Speed Golf System, dive deeper into any area of your game with The Vault.
You'll enjoy new content weekly in these categories...

balance /rhythm
golf over 50
golf swing setup
how to improve
swing methods
reverse pivot
Road to 125
Short Game and Putting Vault
special shots
Swing Speed Saturdays Vault Picture
topping + chunking

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Though we've got over 100,000 total students on our contact list...

...our valued All Access Members always get the first shot when we announce (via email) new instructional opportunities, like in-person lessons and 2-day golf clinics.

There are also members-only discounts for a variety of items, from the Impact Snap training aid to our 2-day Distance Clinics ($500 savings!).

Heck some of our best products can only be purchased by All Access Members. For instance, we only let All Access Members join our one-of-a-kind Ball Striking Masterclass.

Get your All Access Membership today and watch your inbox to receive preferential treatment...


Watch as Much as You Want, from Anywhere

Create your own "playlist" and watch any video when you want, where you want

I know you don't have a lot of time to spend sitting at home, sifting through our videos. Do this instead...

  • Save your favorite videos into a playlist so you can quickly access them
  • Watch any video as many times as you'd like 24/7 on-demand
  • Play all our videos on practically any mobile device or tablet, wherever you have an internet connection
  • Go through the course videos in order (recommended) or skip around if you'd prefer

Be Treated Like Family

First-rate service for you and our entire Top Speed Golf online family

We strongly believe that you take care of those who take care of you. And we know that...

...YOU are the reason we can make videos and create the site.

...YOU are the reason we can put food on the table and feel like we're making a positive impact in this world.

...YOU are going to treat our team and the rest of your community with respect and courtesy, just like a family

So, we'll do all we can to take care of YOU and the whole family.

Our goal isn't to make a quick buck. Our goal is to help you and do right by you so you can improve your golf game and thoroughly enjoy the time you spend on this site.


You'll almost always get a response within 24 hrs, usually much faster than that.


You're part of our online family, and we'll treat you like it!


There's a blue button to reach us at the bottom of nearly every page.

Try Out Everything Risk Free with My 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I stand behind my products here at Top Speed Golf.

In fact, I believe in them so strongly I'm willing to take all the risk and leave you with none whatsoever.

Follow my Top Speed Golf System and I guarantee you'll love it...

...Or contact us anytime during the first year, and I'll refund 100% of your money.

It’s as simple as that.

You can relax and enjoy this membership completely risk-free, which lets you focus on your golf game instead.

You have NO RISK AT ALL, but you get all this...

  • 1
    The Entire Top Speed Golf Full Swing System
  • 2
    The 20 Minute Distance Fix course and the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix course
  • 3
    The Entire Top Speed Golf Short Game and Putting System
  • 4
    10 BONUS Courses
  • 5
    The Entire Vault (with New Videos Weekly)
  • 6
    Office Hours
  • 7
    Exclusive Priority Booking and Discounts
  • 8
    Unlimited Viewing On-Demand & On-the-Go
  • 9
    Awesome Customer Support
  • 10
    365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Click the big green button below right now because you won't believe how affordable I've made all this!

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~Clay Ballard

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