Here's How to

Stand Over Chips With Confidence

(Instead of Fearing a Chunk or Skull Across the Green)...

I'm also throwing in three bonus videos...

First, keep in mind this club is not for you if you can already hit chip and pitch shots around the greens without regularly chunking or thinning the ball.

But, if your short game isn't quite there yet, then the Square Strike Wedge is the club that'll quickly eliminate those round-destroying, confidence-shattering chunks and thins by using a simple putting stroke!

Now, you've probably heard that before (and maybe you've even tried it)... but it wasn't that easy, was it? Because those wedges weren't designed to be swung like a putter.

The Square Strike fixes all of that by being designed from the ground up to be used with your putting stroke.

With the Square Strike, you'll be getting up-and-down easily and shaving strokes off your scores on your very next round.

I've also worked out a special deal with the manufacturer. If you purchase before supplies run out, you'll receive a $30 discount!

Even better, for a limited time, you can get my 3-video bonus series designed exclusively for your new Square Strike Wedge!

These bonus videos are not available anywhere else

Square Strike Bonus Videos

3-Video Bonus Trainings

  • The step-by-step, foolproof technique to stop chunking and thinning with your Square Strike Wedge.
  • What creates most of the speed in short shots (and how to tame it for more accurate chips).
  • The reason you want 70% of your weight on your front foot for some chips (and when it should be 50-50).
  • How wide to stand with the Square Strike Wedge (and why it's more important than you think).
  • The surprising reason you should think about your knees when chipping (and exactly where they should be pointing).
  • How a laser beam teaches you to use your hips the right way.
  • The dummy-proof trick for eliminating as much as 90% of any discomfort over a shot (and it actually happens after contact).
  • My "Consistent Chipping Promise" based on 2 simple steps (even a 5-year-old can handle these).
  • The absolute best body part to keep quiet if you want to lock in your "triangle" through the stroke (and it's probably not what you're thinking).
  • Why I'd carry a Square Strike in my own bag (even though I'm already an excellent chipper).
  • The one thing you'll be tempted to try with your Square Strike Wedge... that will have DISASTROUS consequences on the course.
  • The sneaky way to play longer shots with your Square Strike (and still take advantage of its amazing forgiveness).
  • How to tweak your technique for higher and lower shots (it's super easy with the Square Strike).
  • How to pair your Square Strike Wedge with a common wrist watch to master a variety of shots.
  • When one of the Square Strike's best attributes becomes your worst enemy.

How to get your Square Strike...

Click the big button below to visit our partner's site to find out more and purchase it. Just to be upfront... I'll earn a small percentage on any purchases you make. That'll help us keep making more great content for you!

Act now with the limited supply... and to ensure you get the three bonus videos!

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