Straight Stick Product Review. Does It Live Up to the Hype?

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Hey, it's Clay here again...

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the new training aid by Performance Golf called the Straight Stick.

It’s everywhere right now.

The Straight Stick claims to help you start hitting it flush effortlessly…

… to fix contact issues and dial in your accuracy…

… to create that ever-elusive and highly-coveted lag in your downswing (plus give you the clubhead speed and distance that comes with it)...

… and do it all with just a few minutes of practice a day.

So, I had to know for myself… does the Straight Stick live up to the hype?

My 30-Second Take on the Straight Stick

  • I love that you can hit balls with it.
  • It's a great grip trainer.
  • And it can be a great distance trainer too.

I go into detail on all three of the reasons I like the Straight Stick in the video at the top of this page. I also explain where I think the Straight Stick falls short of some of its claims.

Bottom line: Only you can decide if the Straight Stick is a good aid for you, and Performance Golf offers a generous money-back guarantee period. So, you can test it out and send it back for a refund if you're not happy.

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