If You Can't Shallow the Club Watch This Now

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If you want to fix your contact, eliminate your slice, and dial in your consistency...

If you want to strike it pure and start hitting beautiful draws...

And if you want to get there in the shortest time possiblethen you need to fix your over-the-top swing and start shallowing the club correctly and consistently.

And one of the fastest ways to do that, is to practice the Top Speed Golf drills using a Swing Plate. It's my favorite practice tool for knowing exactly what angle to swing on to shallow the club like the pros. 

It's the BEST way to reinforce what you see in my videos, and it works whether you're a high, medium, or low handicap.

Because whether you're steep in the downswing, coming over the top and struggling with pulls and slices... 

Or shallower in the downswing, but standing up out of your posture and hooking the ball...

You'll whack the alignment stick and get immediate feedback that your swing is off.

Practicing with feedback is key. Without it, you stand over the ball and have no way to visualize the proper angle of attack. No way to "feel" what's right or wrong.

When you use the Swing Plate to practice my ball striking techniques, you set the alignment rod to the same angle as the pros and then practice swinging under it without hitting it.

It's so easy.

Just miss the stick and all of a sudden, you're shallowed out and coming from the inside.

And when you make those repetitions over and over, you groove the feeling of proper swing and burn it into muscle memory.

What the Swing Plate Does for You...

  • Almost automatically shallows out your downswing
  • Shallows it out at the exact same angle as tour players (and never even get one degree off)
  • Gives instant feedback - Never try shallowing it out blindly again--and eliminate the risk of developing even worse swing mechanics!
  • Virtually eliminates off-plane swings and automatically gives you the feeling of a proper shaft angle.
  • Shallows out even the STEEPEST downswing in a matter of minutes (if you've been trying to do this for months, this is the BEST way to get the feel of shallowing it out at just the right angle)!

Pictured above is the Swing Plate "Angle Finder"

Whether you ‘come over the top,’ have a ‘flat backswing’ or ‘sway’ in the backswing, you can learn to fix your swing using the Swing Plate.

Small enough to fit in your golf bag, use the Swing Plate on the range, at home, or in an indoor swing studio. The Swing Plate is fully adjustable for both left- and right-handed golfers, and fits your own alignment rods.

The Swing Plate gives you consistent, purposeful, and precise practice for shallowing the club.

Plus... Purchase the Swing Plate today and you’ll also get:

Free Bonus Course:

"Distance at Any Age"

Simple Tips for Bombing Your Drives

By shallowing your downswing with the Swing Plate, you’ll definitely see increased power. But if you really want to max out your driving yards, this video will help you do it – and do it quickly.

“Distance at Any Age” features more than an hour’s worth of in-depth, power-focused instruction from me and Robin “Mr. Distance” Rosado. Here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to “soften” your lead leg for a bigger backswing turn
  • The precise spot on your driver’s face that generates maximum distance
  • How to determine the best driver loft for your swing
  • A simple way to achieve a naturally athletic setup
  • How to harness the club’s own momentum for a major speed boost

No matter your experience, flexibility or fitness level, “Distance at Any Age” is a must-watch if you want to hit the ball farther and shoot lower scores.  And it's yours for FREE when you purchase a Swing Plate here, on this page, today.

Plus... Save $20 on the Swing Plate as a "thanks" for being part of the Top Speed Golf family...

You have two choices when purchasing the Swing Plate: you can purchase it without alignment rods if you have your own, or you can purchase the Swing Plate plus alignment rods (with foam protectors) if you do not.

Either way, when you purchase on this page before the timer runs out, you'll save $20 off the normal retail price + plus get my bonus course "Distance at Any Age."

But this offer is only good until the timer on this page hits zero. So add a Swing Plate to your order now and get a consistent, reliable swing faster than ever.

Just to be up front, I'll earn a small percentage on any purchase you make. This helps me keep the lights on and continue making great content for you.

Order today and get my discount...

Option 1

Swing Plate Base Model - no alignment rods

swing plate no rods

Swing Plate base model. No alignment rods included. Works with 8mm (0.315") diameter rods which are the standard size for nearly all alignment sticks sold.

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Option 2

Swing Plate with alignment rods and foam protector

Swing Plate with rod

Note: Though not pictured above, your purchase of the Swing Plate + alignment rods comes with 3 total rods, one swing plane rod and two ground target rods.

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$20 Savings + FREE BONUS COURSE expire in 1 days 23 hours 47 minutes and 58 seconds!

$20 Savings + FREE BONUS COURSE expire in 1 days 23 hours 47 minutes and 58 seconds!

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