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The Wrist Move All Pros Use to Be So Consistent

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If you’re not familiar with the Precision Impact, check out the video below.

In short, this ingenious training aid helps you quickly groove the proper wrist set at impact, as well as an in-synch turn back and through the ball, and powerful lag on the downswing.

Result: Consistently pure contact for penetrating, deadly accurate shots.

Oh, and that’s not all. The Precision Impact even works for chipping and putting.

It’s also the perfect tool for honing the moves and positions I teach in the Top Speed Golf System.

And nailing them much more quickly than you would without using the Precision Impact.

Now if you already have a Precision Impact, don’t shy away from this deal.

The makers recently redesigned it to be more comfortable, easier to use and even more effective.

Changes include:

  • Upgraded velcro straps on the forearm component, so it’s much easier to peel off.
  • A more robust connecting rod, which makes the Precision Impact more responsive and reliable.
  • More audible “snaps’ for enhanced feedback and faster improvement.
  • Extra foam and other material for added comfort and security.

In other words, they made a great product even better - and you get the upgrade for free.

To see all the swing-fixing, stroke-saving courses included in All Access, scan the page below the Precision Impact video.

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And here are all the courses at your fingertips when you become an all access member

20 Minute Shallowing Fix 

Value: $200

Full Video Course

This is a step-by-step video training based entirely on my Shallow-to-Square Sequence. It’s designed to make shallowing the club EASY... FAST... and AUTOMATIC. So you eliminate mishits, including slices... fat shots ... or thin shots... and make consistently flush contact. Get ready to transform your consistency and shoot the lowest scores of your life.

20 Minute Distance Fix 

Value: $200

Full Video Course

I taught a group of 81 golfers a series of drills based on a scientific discovery called Neural Adaptation Technique.

And without any strength training or stretching… these golfers added an average of 34.5 yards to their best drives… with 86% of those who completed the program reporting equal or greater accuracy than before!

Even more amazing was that those players over 50 years of age actually improved slightly more than the younger fellas.

These 81 players paid $497 each for this groundbreaking information. To date, we have a Distance Leaderboard confirming that 2,375 of my students have picked up 40 yards or more!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • A drill used on the PGA Tour called the “Grip Ripper.” I guarantee you haven’t seen this anywhere but it provides big results.
  • The distance delusion that has spread like a virus, scaring players into swinging like the wimpy kid on a playground. (This one personally robbed me of 20-25 yards thwarting my efforts to make the Tour.)
  • The easiest way to unlock “cheats” if you’re not as flexible or as athletic as you once were. (Be prepared to regain that lost power in a hurry!)

Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership
Included In All Access Membership

The Top Speed Golf System

Value: $1000

5 Courses Inside

Now we come to the heart and soul of my instruction. I spent several thousand hours poring over film from the greatest golfers of all time and discovered there are five – and only five – swing moves all these players have in common.

These are the 5 REAL Fundamentals of the golf swing, and you’ll get access to a course for each:

Stable & Fluid Spine

  • The #1 key to consistent contact in your golf swing (this fixes reverse pivots, swaying, and more).

Power Turn

  • How to make simple tweaks to your swing to add or regain rotation required for a modern, powerful swing (works wonders for golfers of all ages, especially those who are stiff-as-a-board).

Top Speed Lag

  • How something called the “stretch shortening cycle” adds tremendous lag (boosting not only distance but also consistency).

Compression Line

  • The hidden angle at impact that fixes sliding and swinging over the top… while unleashing the power of the legs.

Straight-Line Release

  • How to sync up your entire swing (fixes casting/scooping/flipping by FORCING your hands ahead of the ball at impact).

Included In All Access Membership

Top Speed Golf Wedge System

Value: $200

Full Wedge System

Whether you've got to get up-and-down to save par from the bunker, your wedge shot needs to spin like crazy to check up in “gimmie” range, or you're facing a 50-yard approach on an easy par 5… you'll have all the shots covered when you're finished with this course.

  • The little-known link between jaw dropping drives… and bunker play. (This ONE THING determines if your technique’s good enough to ever play well from the sand.)
  • How to pair a piece of tape with a cheap wrist watch to dial in your wedges (hint: the watch is NOT for timing and rhythm… though, you’ll get a simple verbal cue for that, too).
  • How to hit the magical 40-degree “ultimate grab” angle with a simple right palm hack.

Included In All Access Membership

Top Speed Golf Putting System

Value: $200

Full Putting System

There are a million little things you could focus on when it comes to putting. In this course, I’ve boiled it down to the only 6 that really matter if you want to be known as “Mr. Clutch” on the greens.

  • The surprising way concrete mixes with your feet, knees, and belt buckle for more 1-putt greens (and no, you don’t need to buy any Quikrete).
  • What you’re way too focused on when putting (and how that’s costing you easy strokes).
  • Whether your choice of putting stroke – straight back and straight through, slightly arcing, or inside-out – has destined you to failure.

Included In All Access Membership

The Opening Drive (a.k.a. “The One Week Miracle”)

Value: $200

4 Quick Wins Inside

There are only a handful of places where recreational golfers lose LOTS of strokes that can also be fixed lightning fast. That’s what you’ll find here in your first All Access Membership course.

I hand selected these videos from various courses and created one series that guarantees you BIG, QUICK WINS fast (like “before-your-next-round fast”)! It’s as simple as this:

  • Add 15.6 Yards in Only 20 Minutes!
  • Shallow the Club & Hit the Most Solid Shots of Your Life in a Single Practice Session!
  • Eliminate Chunked & Thinned Chips and Pitches
  • Drop up to 5 Strokes (Without Even One Second of Practice)

Included In All Access Membership

9 Additional BONUS Courses

Value: $1800

9 Courses Inside

  • Stop Standing Up: Stay down and through your shots instead of “early extending.”
  • Never Slice Again: Eliminate the Dreaded "Banana Ball" Forever.
  • Stop Chunking & ToppingAvoid these embarrassing score killers.
  • Never Hook Again: Conquer golf’s scariest shot.
  • Play Your Best Golf After 50: Discover simple tweaks and actually defeat “father time.”
  • Secret Science to Improve Faster: Unlock 10x faster progress with recent breakthroughs.
  • Chipping Mastery: Get up and down with ease.
  • Golf Fitness with Joe Yoon: Grab a “cold one” and get in golf shape (seriously!).
  • Master the Mental Game: Drop strokes with simple tips from a renowned sports psychologist.
  • Indoor Impact Sequence: Never let weather sideline you again.

LIVE video calls with my right-hand man

No All Access Member golfs alone… including me!

I go to Top Speed Golf Certified Instructor, Quentin “Q” Patterson, with any questions or concerns I have about my swing and my game… and now, every weekday, Q’s standing by for an entire hour to answer YOUR questions (LIVE)!

Over a year's time, that's more than $25,000 worth of help available to you! Heck, when you ask Q just one question per month… you’ll easily pay for your entire All Access Membership with this service alone!

Hidden Benefits Of All Access Membership

(regular Members often don’t even see these opportunities)

  • All Access Members get exclusive invitations to Top Speed Golf trainings and events. Because of the high-level of access to Top Speed Golf certified instructors, class size is limited. These classes are highly anticipated, and Regular Members are rarely invited to enroll because the classes sell out so quickly to VIP All Access Members.
  • “Early bird” invitations and big discounts (as much as $500 or more) on live training events like the 2-Day Distance Clinic.

Total Value $28,600

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All Access Membership w/ Precision Impact

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1 Year of All Access Membership + Precision Impact Training Aid

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$149 USD

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee & Our Unconditional Refund Policy

Here’s Your Chance to Enjoy all the Benefits of All Access Membership for One Full Year for Less than Many People Pay for a Day on the Golf Course…

When you add up greens fees, cart fees, food... $149 is less than most people pay for a day on the golf course.

And unlike a round of golf, your access to this treasure chest of golf instruction won’t end when you walk off the 18th green.

$149 works out to roughly 40 cents per day.

Even at that ridiculously low investment, there is absolutely NO RISK whatsoever.

You’ve got a full year to “kick the tires” and decide whether or not you like it.

I’m confident you’ll love it. Otherwise I’d never extend such a generous offer.

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Add 40+ Yards to Your Tee Shots & Shave 5+ Strokes Off Your Scores…

In 6 weeks or less, All Access Members report lowering their scores by 1.8 shots. And that’s just the average. Nearly 25% shaved 5 or more strokes off their scores.

Even better, 6,699 All Access Members added more than 20 yards to their tee shots!

2,375 of those members reported 40+ yards of added distance! Don’t be surprised if just a few weeks from now you suddenly become the Big Hitter in your group!

But don't just take my word for it...

Shawn Fitchett - North Carolina

"I dropped my handicap by 5 points in 3 weeks!.... This course has changed my life."

Nick Martin - Bali

"If you're looking to improve your game... Sign up, get in, and get your game back!"

Ed White - Kansas City, Missouri

"I'm making great ball contact. It's totally a new game, and it's great! I just love it."

And there’s even more. Too much to cover in this short message. Like “The Vault.” 

Every week I'm adding additional video content where we dive deeper into important topics like these…

balance /rhythm
golf over 50
golf swing setup
how to improve
swing methods
topping + chunking
reverse pivot
Road to 125
Short Game and Putting Vault
special shots
Swing Speed Saturdays Vault Picture

Now that you understand the benefits waiting for you as an All Access Member, it’s decision time…

Will you give All Access a try? Or will you continue your struggle to figure everything out for yourself? 

It seems like a simple choice. More than 100,000 All Access Members agree.

As soon as you do you’ll be redirected to a secure acceptance form where you can enter your personal information and payment details.

Then check your email inbox for instructions on how to enter the All Access portal.

I look forward to welcoming you as a valued new All Access Member and a part of the growing group of VIPs in the Top Speed Golf community.


Co-Founder & Master Instructor
Top Speed Golf

P.S. I’m confident this is the best investment you can make in improving your golf game. And I’m not alone. All Access Member Paul B agrees. He says…

"Never had golf instruction that was so clear... Never bought anything in my life with more value."

Paul B.  | All Access Member

Go ahead and click on the button below to discover for yourself why my All Access Members love all the benefits.

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