Not sure if the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix will help you shallow the club & hit the most solid shots of your life?

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I'm excited for you to share your story with us after you go through the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix!

Mike Cerutti

"I have a problem with early extension... this really really helped me out a lot."

Kevin Bruhn

"Every miss is better... I don't think in my last 3 rounds I've lost a ball to a slice."

Anthony Berlucchi

"It's the most solid balls that I've hit... If I'm 175-180 yards out and I'm hitting a 7 iron rather than a 5, golf will play a whole lot easier."

“Went to the range early this morning for 1.5 hours. I tried your lesson to a T.

The results were astounding.

Hitting a 7 iron into a stiff wind. 15mph...

I followed your suggestions… No exaggeration – I didn’t miss a shot.

The ball traveled in a trajectory that I was attempting. Low or high depending on ball position.

Slight right to left and as importantly as 20 yds further than whatever the heck I was doing prior to your lesson.

The turn back and through was easier. Staying behind the ball was easier. Finishing with weight on my forward leg.

Certainly easier on my back and body. Divots were in front of the ball and shallow.

Very impressive lesson if one follows the game plan.”

Allen Shaw

"Fantastic method. It was easy to understand and I was able to take it to the range that same morning. On the golf course my swing naturally fell into place, and my ball striking was immediately improved. Next day out I shot a 77, 1 under my age. Driving distance was dramatically improved, and irons were crisp."

Pete from Florida

"When I took these concepts out on the range and course most of my shots were incredibly compressed."

James Stewart

"Clay's teaching... he brings it out in such a way that you get it, you just get it... A lot of instructors will teach you the swing, but it's all well, in short words, it's mumbo jumbo. It's hard to understand. With Clay, he breaks every aspect of it down and you can picture it a lot easier. And when you're actually swinging the club, you really, you really feel it."

John Shephard

"Clay, you have supplied the secret sauce to your training programs. I am 84 years old and earlier this week at the driving range I experienced one of the most wonderful feelings I can remember. The feeling of hitting the sweet spot."

James "Piper" Simmons

"The drill towards target and towards ball is great for stopping over the top swing! Really gives you a natural feel for promoting hips/body first swing instead of shoulders/arms. Nice way to feel lag developing!"

John G.

"Anyone who does not relish this will never know the satisfaction this game can bring. Bravo!"

Jim L.

"When you do this correctly it is a great feeling... I hit one with the new approach and the sound and result made the people next to me ask what I was doing. Impressive!"


"Hey Clay! I loved this piece. Tried it for the first time today and I finally hit some draws! I've always tended to hit right of center and this technique took some of the mystery out of drawing the ball."

Edward K

"By the end of the round I was starting to hit some solid shots with a slight draw... The number of very solid shots I had virtually immediately convinced me that this is the way to go. After establishing my natural wrist position, I felt I had quite a few less voices to listen to by concentrating only on the elbow positions."


Gene Henry

"All my friends would laugh at me. I couldn't hit a green from 115 yards... it makes a different sound and I'm hitting it more solid."

Tim Milicich

"I am most assuredly shallowing the club out much better than I used to."

Brian O'Donnell

"I googled 'how to shallow your golf club...' That first video... once I went out and did those [drills]... it was a dramatic difference. "

"I took the concepts to the course today and really had surprisingly good contact."

David Y

"The drills clearly illustrate exactly how to customize and adjust your grip, tilt, plane, weight transfer, shallow and angle of attack to my personal physical capability."


"I completed your shallowing of the club instructions on our driving range... I played my first round since doing these drills. I hit the ball way more solid... I hit the ball further, straighter and some with a draw which I have never been able to do. I had seven birdies, three bogies and shot a [personal best] 68."


"Clay, I put your video into action yesterday and am still smiling! I was doing all the wrong things you discussed and this video made everything easier. Especially the front hip and forward shaft lean... I've been struggling getting my game correct after 52 years of my homemade swing and this video gave me a straightforward and effective way to get straightened out and simplify the fundamentals to get me back on track. I hit the best 7 irons I've hit in the past 25 years. Thanks and keep up the great work."


"IT CLICKED. I practice that with all clubs in my bag. OMG! Super high baby draws across the bag. THANK YOU."


"...And you know, at the top of your back swing, now you're wondering, well, how in the hell do I get that toe to come down, you know?

And so this takes so much of that away. It mean, it makes it so much simpler. I guess there's no one swing thought I guess is what I like. Whereas before if I had a swing thought...

... then all of the sudden, it just becomes you're overloaded. You know, you don't do other things correctly."

Allen Shaw

"I watched the video and everything just started to click!!!! Huge increase in ball compression, I can actually hear it now, huge distance improvement, and the ability to work the ball!!! I am so excited I can't wait to take my new swing to the course."

Robert W

"I started using these drills and I can definitely say it helped me hit the ball further and with more compression than I have in the past. I'm also weight shifting to my lead side at impact like never before. Thanks Clay!"

Angelo M

"I immediately felt more pureness in the shot... like I was compressing the ball better... In addition, I also noticed that my divots were actually more of the dollar-bill sized divots in front of the ball than before... Hoping this... will help build the more consistent, more well-hit ball strikes that will help move [my] handicap even lower."

Doug B

“This was by far the best shallowing/draw instruction I have ever seen.

The point the elbows part was one I have never seen which let me feel how to shallow without thinking."

Neal C.

Tyler Kashdan

"The Natural Positioning move... that's a game changer... really cool stuff."

Sam S

"I watched the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix... saw a drastic improvement... I was more consistent."

Jim L

"It's beginning to feel a lot more natural... I think that's what Clay pushes for is for a person to find their natural swing."

“I've been playing golf for more than 50 years, this lesson has allowed me to make the most powerful contact and compression on the golf ball that I have ever experienced in all my years of playing. This lesson alone makes my membership more than worth it. Thank you!"


“I feel that the natural wrist position promotes a solid strike. This can truly be felt upon contact. The ball fires out as if there was no effort. Your drills accentuate this feeling."

John W

“[The 20 Minute Shallowing Fix] has really worked for me... on average all my shots go 10-20 yards further now and feel great. I keep hitting over the back of the green!"

Martin H

“I am using this system for drives... adding accuracy and an extra 10 yards."

Mike B

“I have been struggling with a slight over the top swing with my irons resulting in some weak shots off the toe. I got to the range an hour early yesterday and went through [the Natural Positioning Move]. I finally grasped shallowing the club and then squaring the face at impact. During my round I hit draws on about 70% of my iron shots. I'm 62 and have been playing golf for 40 years, and this resulted in the single most positive change I have ever seen."


“Clay, you've done it. I can hook the ball no problem now and I am longer. For a 79 year old, that means a lot. To hit the ball 250 yards is a huge advantage over guys my age. Can't thank you enough."


“The chopping motion and the elbow position of the lead arm were new to me but definitely felt athletic and powerful. I was making solid contact with my 7 iron and picked up about one club of difference."


HOLY BLEEP!!! Ok so my avg 7 iron club speed on my GC3 is around 114 first one out of the gate was 118, then 120 and 121 and best was 123. I'm super pumped with this series... now I have the [pieces] to help me get into great impact positions. This maybe your master piece Coach great work!"

Robert H

“The natural wrist position concept is so simple and obvious... One of your best instructional videos to date, keep up the good work."

Robert S

“Have spent 5 years with more golf tips, ideas, and crap bouncing in my head as I struggle with this game, and my inconsistent golf ball striking. I followed you step by step in this video. It was a ‘holy crap, that is how it used to feel’ experience. I am damn near giddy. I cannot wait to get to the range later this morning. Yeah baby!”


Bill Sinko

"Really have noticed... a huge difference in my swinging and consistency."

Bob Fawsett

"... [It] allows me to take [the ball] wherever I want without thinking about it."

Bruce Cohn

"As a result of the drills, I'm definitely hitting the ball much more solid, much more accurately..."

“The natural grip and elbow positions with the large triangular gap really explains the flattening of the club better. Nobody ever taught me how to square the club until now..."


“... When I tried it, it totally made sense and I felt it got me in the position I have always tried to feel. I will definitely base my practice around these examples and drills. Thank you very much for this."

Jim D

“This is a great video Clay and by the time I finished it, I thought I was going to lose power in my house because so many light bulbs were going off in my head. There is so much information in this video that very clearly explains some of the issues I have struggled with for a long time and how to fix them."

Stephen W

“This is great instruction and explains many of my problems with the golf swing. I have never been taught how to shallow my swing and the correct method to get my wrist in the correct position."

John R

“Thanks a ton. Best video I've ever watched. Only really been playing for a couple years but was an athlete growing up. This video had me hitting 195+ 7 irons the first time out! Finally a way to shift my weight and get my hands in front that just feels natural."

Jeremy K

“I went to the course today 30 minutes earlier than normal and I worked on the natural grip and the [20 Minute Shallowing Fix]. WOW! I have struggled... to shallow the club for months. This video made it easy. Within 5 or 6 swings it worked. My divots were much more shallow, the ball flight is lower and more penetrating."

Michael C

“Awesome course, Clay! Tried the drills on the range this morning and put them both together (closing of face and shallowing the club with the elbows) and the results were effortless distance.”

Gregory S

“This might be the best video I have seen from you yet, and that is saying something! It completed the mental picture I was missing. This is going to solve a lot of the issues with my swing at the moment. Many thanks!!!"


“Watched the video a second time and went to the range again... I'm a natural fader of the ball and, until now, never was able to consistently draw it, despite understanding that the club face needs to be closed relative to the path. Congrats! You helped me do something that was very unintuitive and I'm looking forward to working the ball now. Great stuff!"

Thomas H

A light when on when you mentioned the 'natural grip' for compression... found that my normal grip was not close to my 'natural grip.' It definitely feels different, but I felt more compression."


Tom Scott

"I've really gotten, uh, great contact using that drill."

Jon C

"I'm striking the ball much better than I ever have."


"I finally understand what it means to shallow the club and where my body and hands, uh, everything else has to be in order to accomplish."

“Went to the range today. Worked extensively... was amazed at my ball striking... the feeling of power at impact... I wish I'd had access to this video when I started."


“I played golf yesterday in a 20 mile an hour winds gusting to 30. After practicing at home while... and a brief warmup on the range... I really hit some good drives and several greens... It was a great success. A low draw into the wind is an awesome shot."


“I just got back from the range... I found to my delight a baby draw. The drill has me... getting the club face closed... and the shallower swing from the inside has me hitting a real nice ball flight. So I'm pleased."


“I finally believe I understand what 'shallowing' the club really means and how to achieve it!"


“We all try to duplicate the pros but not realize that we all have different degrees of wrist flexibility. Now we have the key to achieve this [impact] position!"


“... I am hitting my irons at least 15 yards further and can shape shots by slightly tweaking the face angle while maintaining shaft lean at address."


“I have... ready every golf book/magazine ever published. Seen every video on youtube, taken hundreds of in person lessons from scores of teaching professionals... this video is the best explanation I have ever seen/heard of the correct movements to get shaft lean and proper impact position... this video is the holy grail of golf at the highest level."

Jim P

“Clay what a great lesson. [I've struggled] with impact as long as [I've] played golf, because no one ever taught me the 'natural grip or elbow position.' The change is revolutionary! What a difference in feel and distance!"


“I'm finally able to mentally visualize the dynamics of a powerful swing path and more importantly how to adjust from a snap hook to a power fade."


“Such a great video, well explained, easy to implement... I am crushing the ball now."

Scott D


"My 'misses...' are really good shots... they're what I would call 'perfect...' they're going about 25 yards further than my normal 7 iron."

Jeff Cooper

"I'm finally shallowing out... now I'm shooting 74 to 78."

Jim Goodwin

"And he said 'no [you're not casting] you're shallowing the club well, consistently..."

“I have always used a very strong left hand position on the club so that dreaded hook creeps in every so often... think I may have finally figured out how to prevent that dreaded hook... hoping to maintain that little power draw going forward."

Mark P

“After going through the drills my 7 iron was back to 150yd where it was 5 years ago. The biggest change was with my 3 wood... I continuously miss it big right while hooking everything else... I had at one point 3 consecutive shots with 235 total that formed just one line striaght down the middle... Welcome back 3 wood!! Thanks Clay!!"

Joseph M

“I'm 65 years old and I've been playing golf since I was 22. I have always struggled to get into these positions. This is the best video demonstrating the proper moves for a quality golf swing that I have ever seen."

Kevin G

“I'd say [the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix] is one of your best instruction [videos]. I played with it past 3 days. First it cured my slice just like that in one [round.]"

Eduardo C

“The mental awakening of how to keep the lag in my swing, coming for inside to out and how to best hold my grip so I'm finally square to the ball has been like an epiphany for me. I'm now getting 20-30 yards  [more] on my drives and FINALLY hit the irons straight and much longer."

Wayne M

Jerry R

"I can gain more distance by just learning how to hit the ball squarely... and shallowing the golf club."

Pete from Florida

"I couldn't make [shallowing] happen... [The 20 Minute Shallowing Fix] made shallowing happen without thinking about it."


"... I can see that I'm pretty much 100% swinging inside to outside now."

“My yardage has jumped 15+ yards for 7 and 6 iron... pretty amazing!"

Scott K

“[The 20 Minute Shallowing Fix] works very well and I immediately felt that solid, improved contact. I feel that in the long term I will be able to eliminate many of my swing thoughts due to the feeling of improved confidence this contact will promote."


“Went to the range yesterday... 7i and up through driver was able to feel and see a huge difference. Today, played eighteen... it seemed to 'click' and was able to carry to the course... sorry about not commenting about any negatives, but this just works well."

Richard Z

“The explanations and demonstrations are very helpful in understanding how everything works together to get the hands leading the club head at impact... I have never understood how I could get a fade while shallowing the club, now I do."

Scott B

Absolutely crushing the ball with these [videos]... I absolutely love the feel of compression and contact with these drills."


John U

"I was finally able to appreciate the correct feel at impact... I was able to compress the heck out of the ball!"


"I started working inside out... it was working almost right away as well. So far so good."


"Boy has it really, really helped. I am such a better golfer now, I'm improving every time, and my consistency is much better."

“Always fighting the slice... that's one of the reasons I signed up... really grateful for this content. The drills work if you follow them... I'm seeing a more reliable draw pattern..."

Robert T

“... I am swinging better from the inside and now producing a nice draw which I could hardly ever do before."



"I'm getting some of the distance back... when I do it right, WOW. I can feel the difference."

Jeff from Orlando

"I got instant results... hitting the ball much further, much straighter, with the ability to draw if I want to. It's really incredible."


"...Been struggling with my golf swing... inconsistent... come down too steep... the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix... revolutionized the way I play golf."

Bob Perkins

"Man, did I love the feeling of hitting pure, solid irons..."

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