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Praise for the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix Course...

Mike Cerutti

"I have a problem with early extension... this really really helped me out a lot."

Kevin Bruhn

"Every miss is better... I don't think in my last 3 rounds I've lost a ball to a slice."

Anthony Berlucchi

"It's the most solid balls that I've hit... If I'm 175-180 yards out and I'm hitting a 7 iron rather than a 5, golf will play a whole lot easier."

“Went to the range early this morning for 1.5 hours. I tried your lesson to a T.

The results were astounding.

Hitting a 7 iron into a stiff wind. 15mph...

I followed your suggestions… No exaggeration – I didn’t miss a shot.

The ball traveled in a trajectory that I was attempting. Low or high depending on ball position.

Slight right to left and as importantly as 20 yds further than whatever the heck I was doing prior to your lesson.

The turn back and through was easier. Staying behind the ball was easier. Finishing with weight on my forward leg.

Certainly easier on my back and body. Divots were in front of the ball and shallow.

Very impressive lesson if one follows the game plan.”

Allen Shaw

"Fantastic method. It was easy to understand and I was able to take it to the range that same morning. On the golf course my swing naturally fell into place, and my ball striking was immediately improved. Next day out I shot a 77, 1 under my age. Driving distance was dramatically improved, and irons were crisp."

Pete from Florida

"When I took these concepts out on the range and course most of my shots were incredibly compressed."

James Stewart

"Clay's teaching... he brings it out in such a way that you get it, you just get it... A lot of instructors will teach you the swing, but it's all well, in short words, it's mumbo jumbo. It's hard to understand. With Clay, he breaks every aspect of it down and you can picture it a lot easier. And when you're actually swinging the club, you really, you really feel it."

John Shephard

"Clay, you have supplied the secret sauce to your training programs. I am 84 years old and earlier this week at the driving range I experienced one of the most wonderful feelings I can remember. The feeling of hitting the sweet spot."

James "Piper" Simmons

"The drill towards target and towards ball is great for stopping over the top swing! Really gives you a natural feel for promoting hips/body first swing instead of shoulders/arms. Nice way to feel lag developing!"

John G.

"Anyone who does not relish this will never know the satisfaction this game can bring. Bravo!"

Jim L.

"When you do this correctly it is a great feeling... I hit one with the new approach and the sound and result made the people next to me ask what I was doing. Impressive!"


"Hey Clay! I loved this piece. Tried it for the first time today and I finally hit some draws! I've always tended to hit right of center and this technique took some of the mystery out of drawing the ball."

Edward K

"By the end of the round I was starting to hit some solid shots with a slight draw... The number of very solid shots I had virtually immediately convinced me that this is the way to go. After establishing my natural wrist position, I felt I had quite a few less voices to listen to by concentrating only on the elbow positions."


Gene Henry

"All my friends would laugh at me. I couldn't hit a green from 115 yards... it makes a different sound and I'm hitting it more solid."

Tim Milicich

"I am most assuredly shallowing the club out much better than I used to."

Brian O'Donnell

"I googled 'how to shallow your golf club...' That first video... once I went out and did those [drills]... it was a dramatic difference. "

“I finally believe I understand what 'shallowing' the club really means and how to achieve it!"


“The explanations and demonstrations are very helpful in understanding how everything works together to get the hands leading the club head at impact... I have never understood how I could get a fade while shallowing the club, now I do."

Scott B

“Went to the range yesterday... 7i and up through driver was able to feel and see a huge difference. Today, played eighteen... it seemed to 'click' and was able to carry to the course... sorry about not commenting about any negatives, but this just works well."

Richard Z


"Boy has it really, really helped. I am such a better golfer now, I'm improving every time, and my consistency is much better."

Jeff from Orlando

"I got instant results... hitting the ball much further, much straighter, with the ability to draw if I want to. It's really incredible."


"...Been struggling with my golf swing... inconsistent... come down too steep... the 20 Minute Shallowing Fix... revolutionized the way I play golf."

Jerry R

"I can gain more distance by just learning how to hit the ball squarely... and shallowing the golf club."

Pete from Florida

"I couldn't make [shallowing] happen... [The 20 Minute Shallowing Fix] made shallowing happen without thinking about it."


"... I can see that I'm pretty much 100% swinging inside to outside now."

Praise for the 20 Minute Distance Fix Course...

Kevin Cameron

"I look forward to taking these gains, which could literally be up to 50 yards...out to the course."

Peter Voss. - Gilroy, CA

"I gained 19mph in one week...played Saturday and my drives were all finding the fairway...everyone in my group was amazed."

Mike M. -Florida

"I'm hitting all my clubs longer and straighter. Plus my handicap has improved by 4 strokes."

"Priceless. From the entire Top Speed Golf System, 20 Minute Distance Fix is all very helpful."

Maurice Belcourt

"20 Minute Distance Fix helped me gain amazing distance causing one of my friends to comment that as you get older you seem to be getting better."


Praise for the Wedge System & Chipping Mastery...

"I have played 2 rounds since watching this video and the improvement is huge. 50-70-90 yard shots go high and land soft. Just amazes me that by using this method how I just feel the swing."

Mike D.

"These are awesome drills, hitting the pitch shots way more flush and accurate while eliminating any chunked shots."

Michael R.

"I’ve struggled with short chips. Played yesterday after reviewing your chipping videos. Sank two short ones the first time out, so thanks for the technique. It makes a lot of sense to me."

William D.

"Absolutely the best instruction videos I have seen, I have been watching golf videos for years by different instructors only to be confused by all the different ways of doing the same thing. Clay and TopSpeed Golf puts it all together and tries to make sure the student knows how and why to hit every shot."

Gary S.

Praise for the Putting System...

"I went out to play the other day and I kept track of my putting strokes. I am embarrassed to say that I had 45 putts, (10 three putts). So I decided to view your putting videos again. I realized that my grip was way off. Your technique using the “life line” really gives me more control without gripping too tightly. My old grip was NOT consistent at all. Using your advice is a lot more comfortable as well."


"Clay this works great! I was amazed at the improvement. I was hitting a group of 5 golf balls from 8 feet and I think the worst I did was holing 2 from 5 balls each time. My misses were all pretty close. I’m sold, it works!!!!!"

David H.

Praise for the Never Hook Again course...

"Thank you for these wonderful videos. My pull hooks show up frequently on the same holes, usually where I am trying to avoid trouble on the left or push the shot for more distance. It is very annoying!! I believe tension plays a role as I tend to get quick in the downswing activating the shoulders. After watching these videos I am going to focus more on the setup keys you talk about in addition to a more relaxed tempo."

Eric B.

“Clay, thank you so much for this series on pull hooking. I am a lifelong serial offender but for the first time after 30+ years of golf I think I am getting somewhere. Best money I’ve ever spent 🙂 You know I tried all that stuff with the box etc to stop coming over the top but to no avail. It wasn’t until I watched your focus on the tilt to the right at address (and stay tilted) that I started to find a cure. Thanks for all that you do. You really have a passion for this."

James P.

Praise for the Never Slice Again course...

"Holy SHIZ! Wish you’d told me this years ago…This is exactly what is happening with my driver. Everything feels good but it slices. When I’m on I hit a pull cut, no joke. I’ll try this tomorrow at the range but it’s nice to know that even a great ball striker like yourself has the same issues us hacks have. As always Clay great stuff."

Rob H.

"Clay–this series of videos resulted in remarkable improvement in my impact, distance, trajectory. Really an improvement."

Carver W.

Praise for the Stop Chunking & Topping course...

"Thank you for such AMAZING instruction! I have never hit the ball so purely. Since I’ve begun your program started to build a fundamentally sound swing."

Jason P.

"Thanks for that lesson, it’s made me a very happy golfer. From chunking my irons I’ve now gained yards! It’s made me realise how easy it is to slip into bad habits, you think you’re playing reasonably well, and then the problems occur. When I reviewed my swing I noticed almost a complete absence of weight shift which led to the fat shots. Simple remedy, practise the drill and boy did it work."

Bob M.

Praise for the Your Best Golf After 50 course...

"When I first began playing I had no idea that golf is a lifetime sport. I am a retired teacher. I am 81yrs old and I am so thankful that I am able to play golf. I have had so many wonderful memories. I have had 5 holes in one and since I have become a member my handicap has been lowered. I also had the pleasure of winning the Senior tournament with a 78. I live in Canandaigua NY."

Tony L.

"My first instructor never even mentioned compression or hands in front of the ball at impact. He had me breaking 100 in a matter of months, but I never got any better than a 24 handicap. I was in my early 40s and fit as a fiddle. Now, I am 63 and feel like I can lower my handicap despite my diminished flexibility."

Jim Goodwin

Praise for the Improve Faster Than Everyone course...

"Clay, once again you have topped past performance in your instructional series. You have taken us all into the classroom setting where we put down the clubs for a moment and focus on the most important element of this cerebral game we call golf. Excellent!"

Steve W.

"These are another great series of videos to save extra time for improving my golf through practice in a very scientific way. I myself have wasted a lot of time by setting chaotic goals with unreasonably difficult shots for my level. Now I’ll work on practicing with specific and increasingly tough ones to make these shots move to the Comfortable zone."

Tatsuhiko M.

Praise for the Stop Early Extension/Stop Standing up in the Downswing course...

"This video has finally given me the feel I seem to have been missing in my game for a long time. It might be worth my membership fee all by itself."

Jeff B.

"Best video and drill on the site, really helps you crush, compress and melt the golf ball staying in your posture and feeling that straight line extension and not sliding the hips at impact."

Dr. Michael C.

Praise for the Golf Fitness course...

"My bad back has disappeared and my fluid spine and turn has improved significantly. More stability and club head speed. This stuff is vital to improvement, so good on you for comprehensively covering the field. Thanks."

Ian B.

"Thanks so much for the flexibility exercises and all the great info and facts you provide.. you’re the best!!!! I’m an older golfer and need to stay flexible into my 80s and 90s…"

Alan M.

Praise for the Mental Game course...

"FINALLY! I had asked about mental game videos for a while. They are hard to find on instructional sites, which tend to focus solely on swing mechanics. But actually there is an argument that can be made that mental instruction should be one of the first things taught, since it may apply (depending on what the mental lesson is about) to how you are going to work on any of the fundamentals of the Top Speed Golf System, or any other instruction."

Arnie E.

"Dr. Thad and Clay, thank you very much! I believe this is such a huge part of the game yet no one really ever teaches us or discusses what we need to be working on as far as mental goes. I learned this “6 threes” years ago but have gotten away from it. Thanks for the 5 resets, that is great stuff and I loved your last line “have fun and enjoy the game” actually a goal of mine this year is to enjoy it a lot more and not get as caught up in the score and what I need to be doing."

Robert H.

Praise for the Indoor/Winter Series course...

"It’s winter here so I can’t really go out to a range but I have a net in my garage and a radar. I started the indoor winter series which I find very useful."


Praise for the Office Hours with Q...

"Then I found Office Hours and this guy Q would answer my questions directly and clearly without stealing my wallet. It just kept getting better."

Dennis P.

"Clay Ballard is a great teacher. TSG is a great resource. Q and the Office Hour videos are super. The price is excellent, affordable, worth it. The teaching style and content can’t be beat."

William S.

"You seem to have a video that always answers my current question. If not, I find time to use Office Hours. I have never felt any of my questions have been left unanswered."

Jim N.

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